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16 settembre 2023

My perspective on this app leans slightly toward the middle ground, highlighting both its positive and negative aspects. The app performs adequately, delivering speed and functionality. However, it may pose challenges for users lacking coding skills, as customization options often rely on developer assistance.

For those proficient in coding, it can be frustrating that the app's developers restrict customization functions. It would be beneficial to provide users with basic customization features, such as adjusting the placement of wishlist links and modifying font styles and colors to match their themes. These seemingly simple options should be readily available for immediate adjustments.

I find it puzzling why these fundamental functions are not easily accessible for users eager to personalize their experience. Unfortunately, due to these limitations, I decided to uninstall the app. Including these straightforward customization options would likely attract more users to consider your app.

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Data modifica: 3 marzo 2024

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Data modifica: 7 giugno 2021

The app has a lot of great features. For us the big things are:
- Tracking conversions from the wishlist
- Klaviyo integration to automate emails
- Multiple lists
If you're happy with how the app looks and functions out of the box then you'll be happy with it. However, if you want to customise and bring your own experience to the app then you'll have some trouble. The documentation is very fragmented and a lot of things are just missing altogether. The JS SDK for example has a lot of features but the variable names are poorly labelled and there's barely any documentation that explains the built-in event system.

Muscle Nation | Gym Apparel & Supplements
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Swym Corporation ha risposto 17 maggio 2021

Hello Mark,

Thank you for​ taking the time and leaving a review. I am sorry that you had a difficult time reaching out to our support team. Our support staffs are available round the clock on weekdays on emails and chat. Also, we are available to attend to any priority issues over the weekend.

Like we mentioned in our chat conversation, it appears that we were responding to your support requests but your email responses didn't make it to our mailbox. We will surely investigate further to see why your emails are not getting delivered at our end.

To make sure your open issues are addressed, our support team executives have reached out to you via a different channel. Looking forward to assisting you further.

Data modifica: 7 aprile 2024

I've spent a great deal of time this weekend trying to optimize this app and am finding it really difficult with the lack of documentation and intuitive design. I think 25% of my time has been spent going in circles trying to manage the app and being sent to log in pages over and over - how I ended up here and seeing my review!

I initially gave it 5 stars because the Swym team IS amazing but I'm now looking for alternatives to this app because I really need this to work out of the box.

My customers are saving things to their Wishlist but as it is, it's just mindless hearting things with no real function. I'm realizing how how confusing this must have been for them over the last year.

Sourced Sustainable Home
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Data modifica: 16 maggio 2018

Amazing customer support.

Tried a few other wish list apps but the service was very sub par. These guys are attentive and follow through and set expectations correctly. To top it off the product has the best integration and ease of use compared to the others. My favourite part is the Facebook Pixel support. Brilliant idea for re marketing!

Update after a few months. App still good - but:

..not enough of the money being paid by customers is being spent on back end infrastructure. App slows each page by 2 seconds - mostly due to an 669ms TCP connect wait. Classic latency caused by under powered servers for a given load.

The more people use this awesome app - the slower it is going to get and slow speed kills conversions. The opposite of what these apps are here to do!

Number 9 Fashion Studio
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5 novembre 2019

The support team was really helpful. They helped me get the look of the wishlist button the way I wanted it. But since my online store is quite new, I still have yet to see someone adds anything to the wishlist.

Mystic Full Moon
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Data modifica: 26 giugno 2018

Great app with potential. Unfortunately, this app is very promising at first but is not that adaptable. Since our suppliers obligate us to ask visitors to create account prior to display product price, this app cannot allow this in-house and obligate us to do custom implementation. This customization downgrade dramatically the features of this app (no color change or text change onclick) thus make the monthly price less attractive. We did ask the dev to add the possibility within the settings to make login in prior to add to wishlist products, but they simply said 'nope'... If that feature was existing like all the other apps in the same category, then i would have give a five star.

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23 giugno 2017

The free plan off this app is a joke! You can not customize the size of heart or text, and by following the instruction to add a menu drop down did not work.. time waste...
But maybe is a good app for payable plan! Keep improving! Also - if you read this review, make sure you check my store :) Thanks!

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25 settembre 2016

Great but missing Portuguese language

Madeirado Store
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