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10 luglio 2024

First, let me just say that the customer service I have received has been phenomenal! I have reached out twice, and they have responded within 2 minutes.

Both of my issues 1. Link to Share wishlist from product page was coming up as a 404 error. 2. The Wishlist wasn't showing up on mobile, were taken care of within minutes for one, and within 2 business days for the second (there was some coding needed).

For our customers it's easy to use, save, share and email their wish list.

ROI has been great!

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2 luglio 2024

Highly recommended! The product is great, easy to use and very customizable to make it integrate into your website look and feel. And the customer service is by far the best on Shopify! They not only fixed my issue, but made the wishlist button look better on my site - The button was not sitting on the page correctly and they made the adjustments to make it look perfect, without me even asking! The best!

Narrative Jewelry
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18 giugno 2024

As a web designer, I'm often dealing with third party apps for customizations, and this is BY FAR the most incredible customer service experience I’ve ever had. Swym support not only addressed my wishlist page customization request quickly, but went above and beyond to add our branding to all other aspects of the app, ensuring ALL visuals matched our existing site completely- even the little heart icon was made thicker to match our other header icons without me having to ask! The level of attention to detail, the speed with which my request was handled, the ease of communication, and the thoroughness of the work was all truly impressive. I'm almost disappointed in how quickly everything was wrapped up since it was such a joy to work with them! I will be recommending them to all clients moving forward!

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27 giugno 2024

SWYM has been great! We have had this app for some time now. When we initially got on-boarded there were some design changes that we wanted to make. We reached out to support and they were very diligent and helpful in making sure all of our design requirements were met.

We recently came across a javascript issue and the SWYM support team helped us out and got the issue resolved very quickly. SWYM customer support is very responsive, professional, and willing to help in any way possible.

This app was a wonderful, affordable feature that we added to our website. It is very customizable in an attempt to match everyone's style. Due to the customizations that we requested, our wishlist looks super cute from the front end and it is very user friendly. Thank you SWYM for being Amazing!

Ora's Amazing Herbal
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3 luglio 2024

I recently started using Wishlist Plus for my online store, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The app itself is incredibly user-friendly and has significantly improved the functionality of my site, allowing customers to easily save their favorite products.

But what truly stands out is the exceptional customer support. Whenever I needed help, the Wishlist Plus team was quick to respond and provided exactly what I needed. They went above and beyond to ensure that my issues were resolved promptly and effectively.

I am extremely grateful for the support they provided and highly recommend Wishlist Plus to any online retailer looking to enhance their customer experience. Thank you, Wishlist Plus team, for your outstanding service!

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1 giugno 2024

Very useful wishlist app. Its take some time to adjust and everything own theme look a like. But their customers service is pretty solid and take everything conser. Made actually better looking settings, what i was expected. Thanks Dory!

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5 luglio 2024

The app works well. I am mostly happy with the customer service that I have received. I did not like the placement of the wishlist button. I reached out to customer service via email explaining what I was hoping for and they changed it right away, exactly how I wanted it.

Green Vegan Bags
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3 luglio 2024

The help we got from Aaryan from support was excellent, professional, patient and solved all our problems and concerns quickly. We are very pleased. Thank you once again for your amazing help. We recommend.

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6 giugno 2024

Easy for customers to be able to select multiple products from the collection page to add to their wishlist. prompt support when we upgraded our theme thank you.

Life of Riley
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12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
6 giugno 2024

Dear SWYM team,

You have a good Application + user-friendly.
The Swym Support is listening every of my requests and setted up all the needed things for our website.

thank you!

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