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There is no 30 day FREE TRIAL> I had this app for 4 days and unistalled and got billed the next month. This app is not installed didn't even use the app in 4 days and got hit with the fee! WOW Can't contact anyone to get a credit! Beware before you install. Make sure you will be using so you won't get the shock of 19.99 added to your shopify billing! Not Cool!

Arnone Boutique
Oiizesが返信しました 2023年11月10日

I am sorry for your experience. You previously used your free trial with us in November 2022, and we can't offer new free trials every time you uninstall and reinstall as you expected when we spoke. We issued a refund for your store for the full amount, and explained to you how we weren't able to offer another free trial to stores that uninstall and reinstall. We also responded within 4 hours of your initial contact and had full resolution to your request within 8 hours that included a full refund. All stores still receive a free trial on their first install.


Had the app for 3 years or so and worked well however when i migrated two websites into one and updated all tags, prices, variants etc on the 'secondary' website, the app deleted ALL our products (over 800 products) were deleted several weeks after migrating both websites, out of the blue without any consent or warning!!! The worst bit was they had no feature to retrieve all the data that was deleted! Luckily i had a backup from the original website however had to again update prices, tags, variants on ALL of the products which took over 3 days worth of work to do. Avoid!!!

Hilton Textiles London
Oiizesが返信しました 2021年7月2日

Sorry to hear you ran into issues. When you disconnect from a supplier, we pop up a dialog asking you what you would like to do with the products. There are options to leave the products alone or delete the products. If your preference of what to do with discontinued products on your supplier is the delete while you're connected, that will be the default when you disconnect. I suspect someone on your team didn't look closely at this step when your shop was disconnect from the parent shop. SyncLogic has a lot of options for managing your products so it always makes sense to have a backup in case you make a mistake. Glad to hear you had a backup.


Not user friendly at all and finding instructions on how to use it, how to set it up are non existent unless the shop you are connecting to provides it.

Double AK Boutique
Oiizesが返信しました 2021年4月30日

Thanks for your feedback. We absolutely know we need to do better in terms of documentation and onboarding. We have been focusing on performance and accuracy and believe we've developed the best available balance performance, accuracy, and cost of any such application on the market.

We have some improvements in mind, and we're always thinking that as soon as we add better documentation it will be outdated, but we are planning on adding that soon as well and trying to keep it up to date.

You've been with us for a number of months, continue to be our customer, and it looks like SyncLogic has made all but a handful of your orders possible in that time. I understand that some particular lack of documentation must have been frustrating and led to this review, but I do hope you will consider what we have done well for you. We'd welcome any feedback you have on how we can improve the onboarding and documentation as we begin to dive into that.

- Shane


My name is Brian Doggett I am CEO of BD Lasers INC. I would first like to state if I could leave a negative number I would. The sheer unprofessionalism of (Emily H) "customer support" rep, was at minimum embarrassing and a child-like tantrum. Emailing my company on the weekend nonstop when not receiving any response due to it being the weekend, she increased in hostility and aggression. Over a customer's $6.50 order that had already been taken care of. She demanded access to our website and provided no help whatsoever unless we connected. Turns out, the customer just didn't pay her invoice yet. Their "engineering team" had to figure this out. Emily informed us she gave OUR customer a list of recommended vendors to use instead of us since we would not let her have control to our site. We do not recommend using Synclogic for your business.

BD Lasers INC.

I want to cancel account and stop recurring charges. Unfortunately I can't find any way to actually do that. The website just takes me back to my shop page. I'm no longer syncing. Being vague and not even having an original email from signing up w/ a link to cancel is poor thinking.

Abandoned Rhinestones
Oiizesが返信しました 2020年10月17日

Hi. Canceling SyncLogic is something that is done inside your Shopify admin. Just visit the apps section of your Shopify admin at and hit Delete next to the app. This is how any app that bills through Shopify is uninstalled and also removes an apps authorization to charge you or access your shop.

There was an original email that went out when you installed to whatever email address you have listed with Shopify. I'm sorry if there was a delivery issue.

We hope you'll reconsider your review in that this is more of a general issue in how apps on Shopify are uninstalled as a whole rather than feedback specific to our app.