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30 maart 2023

Great tool. I save a lot of time using synclogic on our 7 Shopify stores. I can recommend everyone to use this system.

In addition to this, their support is unsurpassed with fast response times even if you are sitting on the other side of the world.
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21 maart 2023

My name is Brian Doggett I am CEO of BD Lasers INC. I would first like to state if I could leave a negative number I would. The sheer unprofessionalism of (Emily H) "customer support" rep, was at minimum embarrassing and a child-like tantrum. Emailing my company on the weekend nonstop when not receiving any response due to it being the weekend, she increased in hostility and aggression. Over a customer's $6.50 order that had already been taken care of. She demanded access to our website and provided no help whatsoever unless we connected. Turns out, the customer just didn't pay her invoice yet. Their "engineering team" had to figure this out. Emily informed us she gave OUR customer a list of recommended vendors to use instead of us since we would not let her have control to our site. We do not recommend using Synclogic for your business.

BD Lasers INC.
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31 januari 2023

Only using this out of necessity, since some vendors only operate through SyncLogic. But it's definitely lacking in overall functionality. A basic function that is not included is disallowing syncing of variants. What this means is that, if I want to add a variant such as a color (so that there's a swatch on my collection/product pages), I can't do it if the vendor didn't include a default color in their variants. We also cannot change size variants, as it will just change back (we prefer abbreviations, such as S, M, L, instead of the full words like "Small", "Medium", "Large"). This makes product and collection pages messy and inconsistent. Customer service basically said, "Maybe some day we will have that feature." It didn't sound promising and, again, this is an extremely basic feature to implement and would solve a lot of headaches. At the cost of this plan, I would have hoped for more features. Especially when it has a negative consequence on the design, layout and professionalism of our store.

Social + Co Boutique
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 7 februari 2023

Hi, I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with our current feature set. We try to balance complexity and demand when we decide which features to integrate, but we also need to find the hours to get those features done as well. I hope you are able to find a solution that meets the demands and requirements for your store and works well for you.

31 december 2022

This app was perfect for my drop shipping. It was able to keep everything organized so I didn't have to. Any issues I had were addressed immediately and resolved in a positive manner.

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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 31 december 2022

Thanks for your positive review! We appreciate your business, and are happy that you are satisfied with SyncLogic!

Bewerkt 31 december 2022

Update: Synclogic was very quick in responding to my review. They were able to reverse the charge for December since it was uninstalled. It's a great app that makes my website almost automatic. It is still not worth it for my business as my customers do not typically purchase enough to make it worth it. However, it I received more than 10 orders a week, I'd consider re-installing the app.

Original Review: I was charged for the app even though I uninstalled it on December 2nd. It's overpriced and is not worth it for my shop.

Easy Teesy Apparel
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 31 december 2022

Thank you for updating your review. Shopify's billing is somewhat confusing, and charges full months for the month that a store uninstalls. We are happy to refund prorated billing after a store uninstalls if a store reaches out and requests it.

Bewerkt 19 december 2022

Deleted this app but was still charged by them. They did fix the issue so I updated my review from 1 Star to 3, as asked to by their customer support. The app is still overpriced for what it offers the consumer, but can still be a great addition to any online store if used properly.

Tokes Smoke Shop
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 31 december 2022

Hi, sorry to hear you don't agree with our pricing. Our billing is done by Shopify's billing, and is charged per month and not prorated on uninstall. We went ahead and refunded you for the entire month despite you using part of it. Thanks for updating your review as you promised. Best of luck moving forward.

4 oktober 2022

Absolutely amazing app! the products sync and upload very fast and it works just perfectly.
The support is very quick and helpful and answered all of my complicated questions and also solved them.
I wish I could give this app more than 5 stars!!

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10 augustus 2022

Great app and equally as great support. They have fail-safes in order to prevent deleted products from being lost if the parent connection hasn't deleted it. The ability to disable sync settings so you can change title's, descriptions and etc.. This app will set you up for success, granted you put in as much effort as they have!

Silver & Lace Boutique
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18 juli 2022

Great App, easy to use & if you're not sure support will help you every step of the way and product videos and instructions on what you need to do!

Last Look Clothing
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26 mei 2022

Excellent customer service. I was in a bind in regard to sync issue and they helped me resolve the same day. I have dealt with a lot of software companies and this one has some of the best customer support. Thank you.

Free Sunshields
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App gebruikt gedurende 30 dagen
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 26 mei 2022

It was a real pleasure working with you on this, and I'm glad we were able to find a workflow that can work for your unique needs.

- Shane