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22 januari 2024

Very smooth functioning app. Support is very fast and thorough if you have questions. Jason is the best!

Smoking Cat Distribution
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 23 februari 2024

Thanks so much for the review!

30 november 2023

wir nutzen die app Seit 2 Jahren. Funktioniert ohne Probleme. Ein paar mehr Funktionen waren wünschenswert wie Theme Änderungen, Seiten etc.

SOTA Outdoor
Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 1 december 2023

Thank you for your review! Your feature ideas are appreciated, we will consider them as we move into 2024 and beyond.

21 december 2023

I loved having Synclogic in my last business, which has worked seamlessly as it should have for the last 4 years or so. I recently opened a new business and have set up Synclogic again for the new site, and had some specific requests and needs, and the level of support I've gotten has been above and beyond. i highly recommend this product for both working as it should, and very responsive troubleshooting assistance.

Oracle Leather
Verenigde Staten
7 dagen gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 23 december 2023

Thank you for the review! We appreciate your patronage, and look forward to working with you moving forward to help you achieve your business goals!

9 november 2023

There is no 30 day FREE TRIAL> I had this app for 4 days and unistalled and got billed the next month. This app is not installed didn't even use the app in 4 days and got hit with the fee! WOW Can't contact anyone to get a credit! Beware before you install. Make sure you will be using so you won't get the shock of 19.99 added to your shopify billing! Not Cool!

Arnone Boutique
Verenigde Staten
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 10 november 2023

I am sorry for your experience. You previously used your free trial with us in November 2022, and we can't offer new free trials every time you uninstall and reinstall as you expected when we spoke. We issued a refund for your store for the full amount, and explained to you how we weren't able to offer another free trial to stores that uninstall and reinstall. We also responded within 4 hours of your initial contact and had full resolution to your request within 8 hours that included a full refund. All stores still receive a free trial on their first install.

8 november 2023

I connected a store and I can not delete the connection now and it's causing problems for me. I can not see any connections I am linked to at all. Also, support will not answer my help requests.

Glam Aura Collective
Verenigde Staten
2 dagen gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 10 november 2023

Hi, I am sorry for your experience. We responded to your ticket on Tuesday 3 hours after your initial request and never heard back from you, so we assumed our response was satisfactory. If you would still like assistance please contact us and I will make sure to reach out to you directly ASAP to get your issue resolved.

10 april 2018

Simple but effective. This team works really well to get back to you quickly and make sure you understand.

If you are trying to run multiple Shopify stores and have the same items on other stores this will help you keep an active inventory. So if you have 60 it will say you have 60 on both sites and when someone buys 1 item it will be 59 on both. Simple but amazing.

This helped us immensely. We were taking too much time doing inventory checks on multiple sites. Their team made sure we understood how to sync the product and now it has saved us countless hours a month.

Lace Lab
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 5 jaar gebruiken de app
1 juli 2023

Great app and good support! We have used this app for a long time to sync products between some of our expansion stores and it's always worked perfectly! I love the feature that allows us to alter the price ratio between stores in particular as this gives us the ability to tweak a stores pricing depending on currency fluctuations.

Thats So Fetch
Bijna 5 jaar gebruiken de app
30 juli 2020

I wouldn’t not be able to run my business without Synclogic. Bc of covid I went from having 3 employees to just me. Synclogic is enabling me to use dropshipping with real-time quantity updates. Now I’m able to sell products and have the dropshippers ship for me. It’s all automated and has made my life so much easier! On top of that the customer service is truly amazing. Shane goes above and beyond to help with any issues!

LoMi Boutique
Verenigde Staten
Meer dan 4 jaar gebruiken de app
8 augustus 2019

Great App. Great Support. 5 Stars.
We have been able to set up a sync almost exactly the way we want. We had some unique requirements. But Shane was super-helpful to do it for us. We hope they also support sync for cost field in due course.

Meer dan 4 jaar gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 13 augustus 2019

Thanks so much for the review. We're always glad to help. Please reach out if you need anything else.

3 maart 2021

Simply fantastic. Does exactly what it says on the tin, no bugs, amazing support. Strongly recommend to anyone who needs to sync between stores.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
Meer dan 3 jaar gebruiken de app
Oiizes heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2021

Awesome. Glad to hear that SyncLogic is serving you well.