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21 oktober 2019

We use SyncLogic to sync items from multiple shops. My business literally wouldn't run without it. The staff is quick to respond and always helpful and friendly.

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26 september 2018

So the app works perfectly well and we tested it between our two stores. Not an issue at all. We do run bundles on our primary store and Shane was able to give us massive help in understanding the sync methodology and also what would and would not work. Sensible, clear, practical advice delivered promptly across seven time zones. Not something you get every day. If you need to sync two stores use this app.

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28 september 2017

Very solid experience with functionality such as two-way sync of inventory between shops that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Support is really quick and comes back with real solutions to issues in a way that had me really impressed. Would really recommend if you need to tie several shops together!

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17 juli 2018

This app is perfect and does exactly what it says it does. Their support team is also a big help for anything needed. Thanks, guys!

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25 september 2019

Excellent and simple app. Works as described saving us a lot of time, resources and money. Devs are extremely quick to respond to questions and offering help/suggestions on how to configure to suit our expansion stores. Highly recommend!

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25 april 2019

The app is really a "must have" for multiple storefront shopify stores - works like a charm. The support team is AMAZING, many thanks Shane!

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Bewerkt 8 juni 2022

I do enjoy using this app., my biggest issue so far is not having directions for how to connect some of the suppliers to SyncLogic. 5 stars because this is such a simple and professional app., I still very much recommend SyncLogic, you won't find anything better than this. Thank you.

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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 5 februari 2021

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. We offer our free trials for new customers only, so the software recognized that you'd already had a free trial. Otherwise some shops would abuse the system and uninstall / reinstall frequently to get another free trial. Unfortunately there are limits on the App Store listing that make it hard to be explicit and clear on that fact.

But if a customer reaches out to us who hasn't been with us for a while and wants to give it another try, we're happy to reset the trial period. You can send a request to or reach out to us through the help button in app and we can consider resetting the trial period or providing a refund if a new month has already been paid.

In your case, I see that you were installed twice previously, once for 5 days and another time for just 1. You would have been charged for that 1 day installation because Shopify doesn't pro-rate on uninstall unfortunately. Taking all that into consideration I've processed a refund of your first month charge that you will see on your Shopify bill as "SyncLogic 30 day credit". That's as much as Shopify allows us to do from our end, but I will also reach out to Shopify billing to request an additional refund for your previous charge from the time you were installed for just 1 day.

Bewerkt 1 mei 2018

I actually got this app based on reviews, and it is amazing app. If you have more than one store / if you have stores in different currencies / or you have one physical store and one online store, this app helps to manage your inventory. We have only one warehouse (one stock) which we sell in multiple channels. You can make your main store where you sell the most - 'parent' shop, then other shops will be 'child' shops. 'Parent' shop will sync for you quantities being sold so you dont have to update manually. The developers support is very quick, they try to reply immediately. Shane is very helpful and he suggest thing you can improve, which is so useful!

Piccadilly New Zealand
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12 mei 2017

SyncLogic's customer service is incredible! Their email response time is sometimes only a couple minutes and if we have any issues at all they are on it and get the problem fixed right away! Shane in particular has been a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!

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3 december 2017

This apps works perfectly, i had some questions about this app and sent them a email. i got a reply almost immediately

I would defiantly recommend this app to anyone who has two stores and would like to sync inventory between them.

Cloudhouse J
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