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8 november 2023

I connected a store and I can not delete the connection now and it's causing problems for me. I can not see any connections I am linked to at all. Also, support will not answer my help requests.

Glam Aura Collective
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 10 november 2023

Hi, I am sorry for your experience. We responded to your ticket on Tuesday 3 hours after your initial request and never heard back from you, so we assumed our response was satisfactory. If you would still like assistance please contact us and I will make sure to reach out to you directly ASAP to get your issue resolved.

31 januari 2023

Only using this out of necessity, since some vendors only operate through SyncLogic. But it's definitely lacking in overall functionality. A basic function that is not included is disallowing syncing of variants. What this means is that, if I want to add a variant such as a color (so that there's a swatch on my collection/product pages), I can't do it if the vendor didn't include a default color in their variants. We also cannot change size variants, as it will just change back (we prefer abbreviations, such as S, M, L, instead of the full words like "Small", "Medium", "Large"). This makes product and collection pages messy and inconsistent. Customer service basically said, "Maybe some day we will have that feature." It didn't sound promising and, again, this is an extremely basic feature to implement and would solve a lot of headaches. At the cost of this plan, I would have hoped for more features. Especially when it has a negative consequence on the design, layout and professionalism of our store.

Social + Co Boutique
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 7 februari 2023

Hi, I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with our current feature set. We try to balance complexity and demand when we decide which features to integrate, but we also need to find the hours to get those features done as well. I hope you are able to find a solution that meets the demands and requirements for your store and works well for you.