Syra AI Chatbot

Syra AI Chatbot

od ClouDhiti Inc.

Sell More, Save Time - Fully Automated & 24x7!

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Recommend Products - using AI

Recommend products to store visitors in real-time when they are on your site! Fully automated, available 24x7, uses AI technologies.

Promote Store Discounts

Promote your discounts to store visitors in real-time as they browse! Promoting automatically & contextually guarantees higher sales.

Lookup Order Status

Enable your customers to lookup the statuses of their orders. Deploy Syra AI Chatbot to support your customers at 1/100th the cost!

Podrobnosti o Syra AI Chatbot

Syra AI Chatbots enables Shopify Store Owners to engage and support customers in real-time, in a fully automated manner, and available 24x7!

Product Recommendations

Recommend products to store visitors in real-time as and when they are on your site. Simply configure this template and publish the AI Chatbot on your site in minutes. Syra AI Chatbot recommends store products using advanced AI technologies, without you having to do any heavy lifting!

Setup FAQs

Customers have lots of questions - about product details, store policies, store locations, and many others. Hiring more support agents is not only an expensive option but also time-consuming. Simply install this template to let Syra AI Chatbot answer your customer's questions - all automated, available 24x7, and at 1/100th the cost!

Promote Store Discounts

Automatically & contextually promote currently running discounts to your store visitors, right when they are browsing. Syra AI chatbot pops up automatically as and when they land on a product page that has a discount, with the discount code and a link to directly buy that product. Guaranteed Higher Sales!

Lookup Order Status

Spending too much time and effort in supporting customer requests about order statuses? You can now automate order status lookups by using this template. It works out of the box, with no extra efforts or integrations needed!

Remind Store Visitors about Their Abandoned Carts

Convert store visitors into customers by reminding them of their abandoned carts. This super-easy to use template works automatically upon installation. There is nothing more for you to do except watch your sales figures grow!

Get Subscribers for Your Newsletter

It’s always great to have a huge subscriber base to send out hyper-targeted promotions and deals and latest updates. And there is no easier way to grow your subscriber base than to install this template. Easy as it does!

Integrováno s

  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Skype,
  • Slack,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Calendly,
  • Zapier

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