Tableau Connector

Tableau Connector

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Export e-commerce data to Tableau to visualize and analyze it.

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Simple Data Export

Create multiple data sources to export various data ranges. Combine your store data with other data sources for helicopter view.

Convenient Functionality

Analyze key store data - customers, orders, inventory. Use filters to customize export data. Schedule automated refresh to get data on time.

Informative Dashboards

Create reports, dashboards and visualizations in Tableau for store data. Analyze them to improve your store’s efficiency and profitability.

Tableau Connectorの詳細情報

Tableau Connector is an application for Tableau Shopify integration. It allows you exporting the key Shopify e-commerce data to Tableau in an easy way for further visualization and analytics.

With this application you can:

  • export key Shopify store data to Tableau and modify raw data into an understandable format;
  • get your data updated to a certain date and time with a scheduled automated refresh;
  • combine Shopify store data with other key data sources;
  • stay up-to-date with your inventory, orders, customers and prices by building informative Tableau dashboards;
  • feel safe about your store data (our app does not collect any customer data).

Tableau Connector will be useful for Shopify store owners and managers who want to extract and analyze their e-commerce store data to be up to date, make corrections in assortment, pricing, customer offers etc.

It’s important that Tableau Connector is developed for users not having any special skills, as it does not require any additional competence to start using it. The app allows creating URL connections easily, without any specific knowledge.

Tableau Connector allows acquiring the actual and detailed information for informed strategic decisions. Now you can measure the KPIs and increase your margin and profit with transparent reporting.


  • Tableau





  • 1 Data Source
  • 500 rows per table
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly updates



  • 2 Data Sources
  • 5000 rows per table
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly/Daily updates
  • Data filtering



  • 5 Data Sources
  • Unlimited rows
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly/Daily updates
  • Automated Continuous updates
  • Data filtering



  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Unlimited rows
  • Manual updates
  • Automated Weekly/Daily updates
  • Automated Continuous updates
  • Data filtering

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Customer support has been very helpful. I highly recommend this app for reporting. I like this app...

Little Oily Designs

The app is very powerful and flexible. The support they offer is amazing! Thank you so much. Recommended!

Basil Village

Fantastic app and great customer service! Saved us a ton of time by giving us daily sales reports for specific products.