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Editado a 26 de setembro de 2021

Nice app, mediocre support. We asked whether we could display customer tags in storefront dashboard, got a no after waiting for almost a week and some chasing. We planned to pay someone else to do it so we tried to look at Google to see how we could express ourselves accurately so we could get an accurate pricing on this. After spending a couple of hours on Google, we discovered that what we actually need is - TAADAA!! 3 lines of codes!! Nothing custom, 100% available in Shopify's official dev documents. Copy and paste, done. Didn't expect it to be that easy as we got rejected from them. So...the app 100% does what it says, but please do not expect anything extra from the support like what other apps did.
Update: So...the app developer get back with a thousand-word explaining their thoughts but chose not to get you a 3-line coding available in official dev document, saying that they are solo devs, have no time, but got time to write such a long, meaningless article. What we asked is a very simple and sensible feature - if we use customer tag to tag customer who is VIP, they should have ways to know and at the end it is us, spending time to improve this app! Caveat Emptor, we are going to switch for another app with better support experience.

Hong Kong, RAE da China
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Questão respondida por Leap Apps 24 de setembro de 2021

Founder of the app here. I think this is an unfair review and let me explain why.

It is very clear from the app listing and if you try to use the app that it only offers the functionality to update the tags based on various rules.

The app doesn't do any theme changes and I'm not sure why you thought otherwise. Had you requested a custom condition to tag your orders, customers, or product e.g, the ability to tag based on the XYZ field, I'd be more than happy to add support for it in the app and have done that numerous times for other customers in the past as you see from other reviews of the app.

But your request was asking us to do theme changes for your shop that is not what the app does or advertises. I guess your expectation is incorrect primarily because most apps on the app store actually do theme edits and for them, doing small customization for your store is probably not a big deal but I'm not a theme developer and it's just unfair to ask me to edit your theme.

I didn't say no to your request because it was more than "3 lines of code" nor I said that it was not covered in Shopify official dev documentation. I said no to your request because it has nothing to do with app functionality.

I also want to point out that I'm a solo developer, building and managing the app. I do take feature requests all the time and go out of my way to build custom workflows, add support for conditions that other tagging apps don't support to make customers successful. But by "do not expect anything extra from the support", you are expecting me to do theme edits, I want to be categorically clear that this app or the support team (me) doesn't offer it.