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8 settembre 2023

The owner and key people at TargetBay appeared to be genuinely interested in helping us migrate 4 Apps to their platform but after 4 very frustrating weeks of failed implementation, I canceled both the Reviews and Engage Apps.
The feature set at TargetBay is not even close to being as robust as what we have with StampedIO and Klaviyo, and their implementation team did a poor job of migrating over even a single feature set from the other Apps.
I give them high marks for their enthusiasm but ultimately, they could not perform.
A telling sign that I should have paid more attention to before signing up - they have fewer than 60 reviews themselves and this is their business. With 4000+ installs, you would expect a lot more. I pointed this out to their CEO and his reply was also telling - "we are like the cobbler who has children with no shoes".
The 2nd star was given for their willingness; unfortunately, their team could not deliver.

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