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19 ottobre 2023

Once you start using the program it's very intuitive. If you need help, the team is quick to resolve the issue. Customer service is what sets Target Bay apart!

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25 luglio 2023

Look, when I was first approached by this group, I was concerned. Their workforce is concentrated thousands of miles from my base of operation and their prices were a little too low to feel legitimate (I was with a crappy company before). But man am I glad I came over. TargetBay has the fastest customer service of ANYWHERE I have ever seen. My guy is Ron, who is awesome, but a few others there I have interacted with were great too.

I have been able to talk to them via email, zoom, and phone. Phone often actually. There has been an accent issue once or twice, but never with my service rep Ron.

The services and features of their app are substantially similar to other services. Not exactly breaking down walls, but definitely what I need. I don't see myself ever jumping ship. Still think my rates are best in class and the service is still AMAZING.

They do roll out updates, but not very often. Personally, I like that because with so much going into a business, I like to have consistency. Shopify changes stuff CONSTANTLY and I hate it. TargetBays approach is refreshing in that way.

A few of the email building features feel uneven and at times wonkey, but you do learn to work with them. Having used MailChimp and Springbot, the TargetBay UI works about the same.

Overall, LOVE these guys. Can't recommend enough. Hope you get Ron. He is awesome!

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21 agosto 2023

I've been with TargetBay for several years now. My personal CS agent, Ron, is always readily available to help and gets any issues fixed quickly.

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19 luglio 2023

I have been working with TargetBay for several months now, with email and sms campaigns, as well as retargeting and other elements, and the results have been considerably been better than the other 2 companies I worked with. They have also corrected a product feed issue, which was something beyond me and not even part of their scope of work....their review platform is the best as well, that has been a superb addition to our marketing. Finally, Danielle has greatly helped the email campaigns, by tweeking my templates and adding elements, that I would have never thought of. She is very creative and often completes work in less than 24 hours!

The Space Store
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25 agosto 2023

I am very impressed with the functionality of this app and the excellent customer service by Ron from Target Bay!

Earths Elements
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26 aprile 2023

We have been using Targetbay for several years. Support is very responsive. The application has done a great job of storing reviews and questions. They have helped with email and sms mailing. I highly recommend the product.

Cedar Creek Outdoor Center
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Data modifica: 27 settembre 2023

I highly recommend this app and have been using it for over one year. Ron has provided exceptional customer support and has helped me get the most advantage out of the great functionality that the app provides.
I just completed a very detailed and informative call with Ron regarding strategies for BFCM. I am very excited to start implementing these strategies, and confident that I will receive the support to execute them successfully. We also discussed their new loyalty program and I am glad to see thatt they have added this feature in time for the holidays.

Chocolat Moderne
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10 marzo 2023

We've been using the reviews for over a year now and we've seen a lot of great reviews coming in. Ron has been great to work with and connects with us right away if we have questions, or need support.

Dice Dungeons
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29 novembre 2022

Our account manager, Ron, is always extremely helpful and responsive! I appreciate how hands-on he is with our account. We have been very happy with his service and look forward to continuing using this platform.

GenTeal Apparel
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16 marzo 2023

My account manager Ben has been thorough on following up anytime I have had an issue or concern. It is amazing to work with a company that values 1 on 1 support so much. Very happy to be using TargetBay as it has many useful tools and a UI that is very easy to navigate.

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