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22 maggio 2023

Support is AWFUL. Literally my 2 year old son can help me more with this app than their own customer support....

Apparalel TEST STORE
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16 maggio 2023

I’ve been a customer for years. Needed support last week and no one is there to help me. They won’t get on the phone with you unless you’re on the $349/mo plan. Will change to another app!

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14 febbraio 2023

it's been a train wreck so far. it's been about a year, and it is constant incompetence and total lack of continuity, sprinkle in a large amount of apathy . i have the "professional" package. it is unfortunate. i want the best for them, i need them to be good. i'm not an office guy. probably, like many here, i'm good at what i sale to my customers. i was hoping for a "single point, do it all, and just pay the fee. which is what was promised. it has been more like, i've become a manager for their company trying to get them to work together to do the job that i haired them for. don't think that you will just call and sort something out. you're going to spend a lot of time playing the "email game" of course i only see my side, so do with this what you will.

Monkey Fabrication Garage - MFG
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1 febbraio 2023

Did not import all transactions. Customer service requested that I manually process spreadsheet data into a format that they could import. What's the point of using Tax Jar if I need to manually process data?

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24 maggio 2022

We signed up for this app because they promised that it could provide needed data regarding nexus. We paid almost $6k for their system and now that it is all set up we are not able to pull the needed data that was promised. They will not refund us despite having tried for over a month. Now we have to pay a different tax advisor more money to get the actual info. This company has terrible customer service and was deceptive when explaining their features. The system is clunky and slow. Use a local sales tax advisor and the native Shopify features and you will be fine.

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4 febbraio 2022

I really love TaxJar, the setup will take some time however once enrolled in Auto-filing you will be amazed. Auto-filing with 19 states. Is not cheap however is less expensive that having an accounting team doing the filing for you. Thank you TaxJar.

The Sweet Designs Shoppe
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Data modifica: 1 febbraio 2022

Shady On-Boarding Practices: If you are a small business, don't use this app. It will not save you time nor money. It's built for big business with Nexus in multiple states. But they will not tell you that. My sales rep put us on the $100/month plan, although almost a year later I found out there was a $20/month plan that would have been better for a business of my size (there was no mention of this cheaper plan at the time). They will also put you in a year contract without tell you (yep, it's one of those companies). Being on the Shopify app store, it's assumed the app is month-to-month like all other apps. Lastly, if you go over the order value on your account (maybe you get a good sales month), an extra $100 fee is put onto your account (not like a $100 a month was enough already for what we were using it for). ---------- The only reason reason I gave them 2 STARS instead of 1 is because they did help me after hearing about this experience. Basically, don't rely on the sales reps with this company. Do your own research before using. If not, it could cost your 100's of dollars like it did me.

The Real Force
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19 ottobre 2021

Helped with NOTHING! NO HUMANS TO HELP WITH SETUP - "Fix Issues" is a popular link title they throw around the dashboard but when you click the link it doesn't take you to anywhere to actually resolve the issue.
Says I need to upgrade to another tier or switch to annual billing BUT GUESS WHAT? there's NO WAY TO SWITCH to annual billing!!!! So frustrating! SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE, DITCH THIS APP AND FILE YOUR STATE TAXES DIRECT.

A Southern Lifestyle Co.
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1 ottobre 2021

WARNING: whenever you use the edit function on an order in shopify and you remove products (e.g. order changes prior to shipping), the removed product will be included in your revenue that tax jar uses for auto file. Reached out to their support after we discovered thousands of dollars in overpaid taxes and was told "just don't use the edit order functionality". This essentially renders the app useless for shopify. We are in process of cleaning this up - we may need to eat a huge chunk of overpaid sales tax here.
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10 settembre 2021

Quit messing with sales tax, this app is the leader for managing sales tax. You can do Auto File if you want to, which didn't work for me for some reason... and my only qualms is that I can't download my sales tax report (without upgrading) to send to my accountant (I gave her my login info), but other than that, it's great!

701 Hoodies
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