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18 settembre 2023

Pretty bad. A migration issue resulted in an overpayment of my taxes by thousands in one state and they are now not responding to my emails.

American Farmhouse Bowls
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13 agosto 2023

I would rate no stars if I could!! We reached out MONTHS ago and multiples times since for help in canceling our subscription. Uninstalled the app and everything. The company still kept taking funds from our account for this subscription and they were no help at all. I definitely do NOT recommend. If you need taxes done, please go to a local CPA. Do not use Tax Jar.

Lilly Creek Boutique
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9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
25 luglio 2023

The customer support on this app is ATROCIOUS. We were locked out of our account for OVER a week. Their customer support is in India and each response is 24 hours or more. It's fine as long as it is working. The customer support is one thing but one month when we imported older orders into Shopify it counted ALL the orders even though the dates were over a year old. We had AUTO file set and it deducted $85K from our bank account and it took a few days to get it back. I am SO DONE.

Tour Striker Inc
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31 luglio 2023

the customer service is terrible. I have been locked out of my account for so long that I missed my tax due date which was THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS SERVICE.

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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
23 ottobre 2023

I could not currently recommend this service. There has been no support and it is extremely difficult to reach out and get help. I've additionally been charged for a service that I canceled. Hoping to see improvements in the future.

Colleen Annalea
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Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
16 maggio 2023

I’ve been a customer for years. Needed support last week and no one is there to help me. They won’t get on the phone with you unless you’re on the $349/mo plan. Will change to another app!

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14 febbraio 2023

it's been a train wreck so far. it's been about a year, and it is constant incompetence and total lack of continuity, sprinkle in a large amount of apathy . i have the "professional" package. it is unfortunate. i want the best for them, i need them to be good. i'm not an office guy. probably, like many here, i'm good at what i sale to my customers. i was hoping for a "single point, do it all, and just pay the fee. which is what was promised. it has been more like, i've become a manager for their company trying to get them to work together to do the job that i haired them for. don't think that you will just call and sort something out. you're going to spend a lot of time playing the "email game" of course i only see my side, so do with this what you will.

Monkey Fabrication Garage - MFG
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
22 maggio 2023

Support is AWFUL. Literally my 2 year old son can help me more with this app than their own customer support....

Apparalel TEST STORE
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5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
1 febbraio 2023

Did not import all transactions. Customer service requested that I manually process spreadsheet data into a format that they could import. What's the point of using Tax Jar if I need to manually process data?

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28 agosto 2013

TaxJar provides a very simple service that saves me hundreds of dollars a year. Now I don't worry at all about filing my sales tax. Huge headache alleviated.

Coffee Joulies™
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