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18 febbraio 2024

Consider this review a serious caution. I wish it were possible to rate this app with zero stars. The support team is virtually non-existent, and on the rare occasion you do receive a response, it's clear they lack any real understanding of their own service. We're currently paying $349 monthly for the Pro plan, which is set to increase to $499 next month. Additionally, they fail to offer SST service as they aren't a certified service provider, which is concerning given the seriousness of sales tax compliance and the risks associated with non-compliance. I strongly advise avoiding this service.

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6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
28 agosto 2013

TaxJar provides a very simple service that saves me hundreds of dollars a year. Now I don't worry at all about filing my sales tax. Huge headache alleviated.

Coffee Joulies™
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Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
23 gennaio 2014

Great app. Paying sales tax and getting it organized is one of our least favorite things to deal with. Tax Jar simplifies it perfectly.

Daily Nutrition
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Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
15 novembre 2017

It sure takes a load off of calculating taxes for California. It's a bit pricey for having just one nexus maybe, but a lifesaver in general.

Thanks from all of us at -- none of us like to do accounting work!

Reviv Serums
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Oltre 8 anni di utilizzo dell’app
15 marzo 2021

missed tax payment ... showed them and they said they could file it in 6-8 weeks-- oh and I got a late fee

West Coast Goalkeeping
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Quasi 8 anni di utilizzo dell’app
16 maggio 2023

I’ve been a customer for years. Needed support last week and no one is there to help me. They won’t get on the phone with you unless you’re on the $349/mo plan. Will change to another app!

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Oltre 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
18 novembre 2019

This app was great for the 1st Quarter I used it. I was able to autofile and everything was great.

The past quarter my auto-file was canceled without my knowledge and I was only notified of it when I received a letter from the FL Dept of Rev about a not receiving me filing for Q3.

Not cool, why charge a monthly fee if you aren't going to do the 1 thing I actually need you to do.

Novel Concept Designs
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Oltre 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
3 maggio 2018

Taxjar is worth every penny. By helping us put our US taxes on autopilot, we can focus time instead on our business. Autofile is easy to setup, and once you've linked up your Shopify or Amazon channels, it'll automatically start pulling in all the data and calculate how much taxes you owe. It's a no-brainer, and hugely helpful.

Oltre 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
19 giugno 2017

This app is a LIFE SAVER. Must have for any store with high volume sales. Saves so much valuable time and headaches when it comes to filing sales tax.

Sugoi Shirts
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Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
1 agosto 2017

I've been using TaxJar for several months and wanted to use their AutoFile service.
TaxJar's numbers didn't fully match what Shopify had. It was a whopping $2 off, but it was off. I had brought over some sales pre- TaxJar. I emailed them with a screenshot of what I had. Got a very prompt email response saying they would look into it.. Got a second email response within next to no time with an explanation. They adjusted what they had, and they filed my sales tax return without a hitch. So easy!

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Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app