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4 ottobre 2014

highly recommend. just what i was looking for.

My Ugly Christmas Sweater
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29 marzo 2019

At $50/month, it did show me where I have economic nexus. After several months of $50 charges, I find out that they are delaying Auto-file as an option, but offer no concession in the meantime. I feel that the app isn't worth it just for the data, as I was sold on the auto-file option (at additional cost).

This data isn't helpful without auto-file, so do your homework before signing up. You'll still need to file manually to take care of your sales tax due. This is potentially hundreds of data entries per state.

Out of Darts
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23 giugno 2018

Great app but working with limited marketplaces - No good enough for me.

Stc Watches
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6 gennaio 2017

Taxjar's advice on state taxes is inconsistent with our Accountants. Taxjar seems to only want to find ways to charge their customers versus looking out for their best interests.

Qt Modern House Numbers
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19 luglio 2017

I file sales tax quarterly. I tried this app to compare its results to my manually-generated Q2 report -- but TaxJar's trial period is limited to 60 days. TaxJar's support staff expects me to manually generate a phony 60-day sales tax return so I can compare my results to their app. That's not going to happen. Why won't they allow a 90-day trial import? No reason I can see.

Also, the app's district sales tax calculations were entirely incorrect. That much I could tell at a glance.

It's clear from the 5-star reviews that this app works for some people, but my experience with the app and with TaxJar's rigid, offhand, and unhelpful support staff makes it obvious that it won't work for me.

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Data modifica: 20 giugno 2019

Don't even bother. I installed the app and had a question about missing order information and went all over trying to find out how to fix this, but no real step by step info was provided, even checked Youtube. I needed help with a deadline approaching, but after 2 whole days wait, no response. So there is no support for an app that costs $19.00/ month? Don't bother calling either, the message directs you back to email. Apparently, they only offer a "partial" integration with Paypal so I had to configure a CSV file to upload. It took me more time to figure this out and upload it then it took me just to go to the NYS site to web file. And somehow all my orders duplicated after I tried to re-connect Paypal. Save yourself a headache and just learn to do this on your state's sales tax web file site.

glam up gear
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3 settembre 2013

Original review:
Only designed for US shops.
Not a problem per se, but it would be nice to see it mentioned somewhere, instead of having to install it to discover this :(

Mark promptly update the app description to say that only domestic US shops are supported, so kudos for the quick response, and I've modified my rating accordingly.
However, I should say that have not been able to test the app, as my shop is not in the US.

Raging Heroes
4 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
14 gennaio 2014

Didn't work for me. The app wouldn't pull in any of my sales.

Banjo Studio
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