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15 novembre 2017

It sure takes a load off of calculating taxes for California. It's a bit pricey for having just one nexus maybe, but a lifesaver in general.

Thanks from all of us at -- none of us like to do accounting work!

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6 settembre 2015

This does simplify our tax reporting quite a bit, but we have encountered discrepancies in paid vs fulfilled items - when TaxJar decide to report tax is different than when we collect collect tax. It seems that if they reported tax on the same month as it was collected (when the sale occurred) rather than when the product was fulfilled (sometimes months away), it would more accurately reflect how we pay taxes. We manually change our numbers to match our sales, not our fulfillment dates. Still an improvement over spreadsheets, but not perfect.

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21 giugno 2019

It does the job well. I'd like to see a report showing sales tax collection revenue by day and I'm not using TaxJar for filing, but overall it works well and Customer Service has been excellent. TaxJar's customer service is light years ahead of Avalara's.

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10 settembre 2021

Quit messing with sales tax, this app is the leader for managing sales tax. You can do Auto File if you want to, which didn't work for me for some reason... and my only qualms is that I can't download my sales tax report (without upgrading) to send to my accountant (I gave her my login info), but other than that, it's great!

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Data modifica: 13 gennaio 2017

Gives me the information I need to file my sales taxes for Would love if they could automatically file for me, but my state doesn't allow it.

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