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Great App, Great Support This is my PoD Supplier to go to for unique products. Strongly recommended. I love it when you can sell more than just t-shirts


Had some issues, which they fixed. Thank you for the assistance on the matter. Very helpful when needed.

Allegiant Goods Co.

I've been using Teelaunch for 3 years. If you're looking for a top-notch product and unparalleled customer service, look no further. Not only are the quality of their products excellent, but the customer service experience is second to none. From design to delivery, the staff is quick to respond and very helpful whenever I encounter issues. The turnaround time is fast, and the pricing is competitive. I highly recommend Teelaunch to anybody who asks me how to make a store like mine because they're the best. Add this app if they have what you want and you won't look back.

Gemmed Firefly

A good range of products, my customers are happy and whenever I need help with something the team is quick to sort it out. Thank you!

The Diving Store

Teelaunch is the best!
I am using it and feel good about this app, Teelaunch has many good products for your choice!!!

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We really appreciate the feedback, we try very hard here at teelaunch and we are so honored to be part of your entrepreneurial journey.


I’ve used Teelaunch for over a year and it was very easy to set up as well as very affordable and reliable. I’ve had very few issues and when I do the customer service is always very responsive. When the customer service isn’t able to figure something out, the founder was able to help out.

codebrew mugs

We have been using Tee-Launch for the last 6 years and love their products services and prices (and especially their Print On Demand Turn Around Time). They just went through a brand new update with their Shopify app and they said they are getting ready to offer new features and products so I can't want to see what is coming! THANK YOU Tee-Launch!! You Guys Rock!!


I would highly recommend Teelaunch, their customer service is top notch combined with their product quality. They walked me through the new app update and everything is smooth sailing. I use Teelaunch for many of my client stores.


I've been with Teelaunch for a couple of years now, and I would never use another POD. Here's why...
1.) After a couple years, I've only had a handful of printing errors (unavoidable in this business), and all of them were promptly replaced and shipped to my customer within 24hrs. (with other PODs I had used prior, bad prints were a common occurrence, and it was like pulling teeth to get a response from customer service in regard to a replacement.)
2.) Customer Service typically responds within minutes or an hour or 2 - depending on the issue. They are always very friendly & knowledgeable, and have gone above and beyond on more than one occasion to ensure that things are running smoothly with the app and my store.
3.) The wide range of products allows me to use them for just about everything.
4.) Prices are excellent for the quality of products. Now to address the new app issue. With a complete change in how the app connects to various platforms (shopify & etsy in my case), a few hiccups are to be expected. Any issues I have encountered have been addressed and fixed very quickly. In one instance, having to do with shipping rates, the owner of TeeLaunch even contacted me directly, and the issue was solved on the spot. In regard to some of the other reviews where people are stating that they had no notice of the switch to the new app, it is obvious that they just weren't paying attention, as there were numerous communications as to how to prepare for the switch to the new app, and as stated earlier, the TL customer service team has been very responsive and helpful with any issues/questions that come up. Bottom line: I have used other apps/POD providers. Teelaunch has been the best experience overall, and I do not foresee me using anyone else. I highly recommend TeeLaunch for POD fulfillment. Mike Holm
Owner - ThreadWeird Apparel Company

ThreadWeird Apparel Company LLC

Teelaunch is our favorite POD service out there. Hands-off fulfillment. Lots of products to choose from and wonderful print quality, with the best pricing as well. Super helpful and responsive customer service. 10/10 highly recommend.

Covino & Rich Show Merch