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Bewerkt 27 januari 2018

So far so good. I ordered a sample product and it was fulfilled and shipped quickly. The app is also very user friendly with clear instructions throughout. Man I just wish I could have found these guys sooner in my business journey.

357 Designs
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10 maanden gebruiken de app
14 oktober 2016

This was the t-shirt fulfillment app I ended up installing after quite a bit of research into all similar apps on Shopify...and I couldn't be happier! The only "hard" work you have to do is choose your shirt and upload your design. The app takes your Shopify order, processes it through Teescape for fulfillment, and then when Teescape ships the order, the app captures the tracking number, sends the customer the tracking number via Shopify's built-in email template, and closes the order out for you. The level of automation once an order comes in is really impressive and will definitely allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your website/business.

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10 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 2 december 2018

Really like this fulfillment company. They're quick and their product quality is great. Also support is very helpful. Their prices also are quite reasonable compared to others.

Used on

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9 maanden gebruiken de app
22 december 2016

This is the best fulfillment service I've worked with. Thanks so much Teescape, keep up the great work!

Buy Me Breakfast
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7 maanden gebruiken de app
30 maart 2017

I have never encountered such a high level of service, on multiple instances! Jeff is amazing, always ready to help and address your concerns. I highly recommend working with Teescape!

Molteni Cycling
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7 maanden gebruiken de app
7 augustus 2016

You guys are the best. After I had a horrible experience with a different print company on shopify I was hesitant to give someone else a try. Your company got my items to me waaay quicker than the other company. The print quality on the shirts was amazing for the price.

La Bella Milan Virgin Hair
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
11 oktober 2018

Easy interface, nice color and size selection, shipped each order on time, no printing issues so far

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6 maanden gebruiken de app
19 oktober 2017

My customer ordered a tee from my shop on a Friday, Oct 6. and it was printed and shipped out on Tuesday, Oct 10. It was delivered to them on Friday, Oct 13.

My customer just left me my 1st review for my first sale from my Etsy shop. It was a five-star rating!!

Thanks to Teescape for the quick, quality printing and fast shipping. I know that 5-star rating had a lot to do with the quality of your print job and the quick shipping.

Flutter And Buzz
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
21 april 2017

What a great company Teescape is. Their customer service is top notch, always answering any questions we have extremely quickly. The 2 times we had minor issues (which weren't Teescapes fault) they helped us resolve them right away.

The shipping is extremely fast in the US and to Canada was very reasonable. The prices really can't be beat.

The only thing that could be improved on at all is offering hats/mugs etc.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing T-Shirt fulfillment.

Recovery Rags
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
10 juli 2018

Fast shipping! Great process with Shopify. Wish more items could be added.

Silver Bracelets Wrq
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4 maanden gebruiken de app