Buddyapps Wholesale orders

Buddyapps Wholesale orders

作成: Buddy Apps

Allow your customers to make orders without upfront payment

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No Instant money transfer

Create orders with no instant money transfer.

Make orders with no upfront

Let your customers to make orders without any upfront order and charge them later.

For selected customers only

Allow specific customers only to make wholesale orders without payment.

Buddyapps Wholesale ordersの詳細情報

Wholesale orders allow your customers to create an order without any transfer of money which means your customer can create an order without any instant money.

You can also specify the customer whom you want to allow for making the wholesale orders. For rest of the customer, the default Shopify checkout will work.

Once someone makes an order, the admin will receive the notification of the order and you can then manage that order by either sending an invoice to the customer which will, later on, pay through the Shopify payment gateway or complete the order without any payment.

How to Use?

You just need to install the app and copy and paste one line code. That is it! Yes it is that simple

In case you find any hurdles which installing the app, you can immediately contact us and we will install it without any cost

Feature List

  1. Simple Interface.
  2. Give permission to specific customers or all customers to buy without paying immediately.
  3. Get and send notification on each order.
  4. Send instant invoice to the customer automatically.
  5. Set after how many days you want to deliver the invoice.
  6. 24X7 support.



料金 4日間の無料体験


* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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This application does not work. I installed it, made the liquid changes, and followed the directions. There is no button to click on to submit an order using this app.


We are a wholesale company and we were looking for an app that would bypass shopify's retail checkout and this was the perfect app to do it. Ankit, the developer helped me add the app to our website, which I appreciated very much because we were on a time crunch to launch. Also, any problems or questions I had Ankit would fix and get back to me right away. Ankit was great to work with and would highly recommend this app if you are looking for a seamless checkout.


Never use. Not working. The layout of this form socks. I have contacted the seller for problems, but never got an reply. The worst app in shopify. Please give me back my $39.00