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Generate Product Descriptions, Blogs, Ads and More in Seconds

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Works With Any Product

Textcortex works with any product title you want to sell. Just enter the product title to TextCortex's AI.

Generate Product Descriptions

TextCortex uses its advanced AI to generate dozens of Product Descriptions in seconds. Each one of them are unique and ready to use.

Higher Rankings

TextCortex AI was trained with popular products. That means it is optimized for selling! Sell better with keyword rich descriptions.

Podrobnosti o Product Description Generator

TextCortex AI Product Description Generator

Generate dozens of product descriptions in seconds using TextCortex's advanced AI. To get started you just need an account on TextCortex and your product title, that's it! You can use TextCortex AI to generate creative product descriptions that sell.

How to use:

  1. Enter your product title or choose from your inventory.
  2. Select Product Category
  3. Click Generate.
  4. Copy Product Descriptions that you like and launch your product

How TextCortex AI Works

TextCortex AI was trained with close to a million product titles and product descriptions. That makes TextCortex special when it comes to generating product descriptions. It can optimize the keyword density and sentences for selling more and ranking higher on search results!

TextCortex can generate Product Descriptions for the following products:

  1. Product Descriptions for Clothing
  2. Product Descriptions for Bags
  3. Product Descriptions for Jewellery
  4. Product Descriptions for Tshirts
  5. Product Descriptions for Beauty Products
  6. Product Descriptions for Decoration
  7. Product Descriptions for Home Decor
  8. Product Descriptions for Kitchen Products
  9. Product Descriptions for Baby Products
  10. Product Descriptions for Electronics And many other categories!

Some examples of the results from the TextCortex AI:

Fashion descriptions for clothes example:

  • Product: An amazing Dress
  • Description: You will feel like you are in it, ready to swoop in. Our super-soft, polyester, and spandex blend is exceptionally lightweight and breathable, yet has a touch of elastane to keep you comfortable. A flattering shape and slender waistline, meanwhile, are designed to complement your slimming. The empire seams and flatlock stitching ensure that you will look great on the beach, pool, or just walking the dog.

T-shirt description example:

  • Product: Funny meme T-shirt
  • Description: This shirt has a funny meme image printed on it. The shirt has a larger than standard print, and a long sleeve design. The longer sleeve design is made with polyester that stretches to keep the shirt in place. The shirt is made of a comfortable, cool, soft, and breathable blend of cotton and polyester, making it comfortable, easy to care for, and durable.

Beauty product description example:

  • Product: TextCortex Night Cream
  • Description: A high-performance anti-aging eye cream that uses only the hottest ingredients to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while minimizing dark circles. It also contains a unique blend of peptides, peptides, and antioxidants to help treat fine lines and wrinkles.

TextCortex AI, Product Description Generator - SEO-friendly product descriptions that sell. Cheaper and faster than outsourcing copywriting.

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Great app, exactly what I was looking for. Gives multiple versions of descriptions it's easy to use.

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1. duben 2021

Thanks a lot! Your positive feedback empowers us to develop TextCortex further :)

Walk Posh

Love this app. Great app. I never thought i will see something like this. one of best app I have ever seen. You are guys are great.

Odpověď vývojáře

28. březen 2021

Thanks Walk Posh! Our live chat is always available if you need help again. We are happy that you like the app :)

Unichip CarPlayFactory Store

This app is awesome and the customer support is outstanding. I've had no issues in the last two months. Wrote them from Live chat in the app about an issue and they responded in less than a minute and fixed it for me immediately. They even kept me updated while they were making a special new setting for our account. Recommend this app to everyone

Odpověď vývojáře

28. březen 2021

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback! We strive to give the best experience for your content needs. Positive feedbacks like this empowers us to create the best app for generating product descriptions in the shopify app ecosystem!