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23. helmikuu 2024

I had issues with the app not working properly, links wouldn't open, etc. I reached out to support, and while they did fix the issue, they promised 2 months free for the app due to the issues. I have now had the app for 2 months, been charged twice and still no refund or credit as promised. They asked me to leave a 5 star review, and I told them I would after I received what was promised. This still hasn't been done so I guess I'll find another app that does what they promise!

Sage Grove Designs
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
The Shop Apps vastasi 24. helmikuu 2024

Hey there,

I apologize for this. On our end, we only see 1 invoiced payment being made on February 11th (as you installed the app on January 10th). I was waiting for the next invoice (more than likely March 10th or 11th to be received on our side before making the refund for 2 months. We are happy to keep our promise but it was impossible for us to make the 2-months refund. I reflected this in my last email message to you in which you did not respond.

Regardless, I have gone ahead and refunded you the latest app payment - and if you decide to stay on using the app, I will refund the next month app payment as well as promised (which will be 2 months).

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further help with the app -