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The Watchlyst ‑ Price Alerts

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Price drop alerts to bring back customers

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Bring Back Lost Customers

Most visitors do not buy on their first visit. Capture future purchase intent and trigger shoppers to return to your site and buy.

Lead Capture on Steroids

Driving traffic is not enough today. The app gets you more bang for your advertising buck by making email collection ridiculously easily.

Product Demand Insights

Our dashboard reveals demand and willingness-to-pay point for each product. Plan by knowing rather than guessing.

Over The Watchlyst ‑ Price Alerts

Most store visitors leave without making a purchase. Many are interested in buying a product but are not ready yet or find the prices too high. The Watchlyst is an effective solution to drive revenue by bringing back lost customers.

How it works?

  1. Setup in under 5 minutes. Your visitors see a 'Price Drop Alert' button on product pages
  2. Visitors specify their preferred price to buy the product
  3. The app monitors the price and as it hits the target the customer is notified with an email

Simple and Automated

After you install the app, you don't have to do anything else. Of course, you can customize the look of your button and match it with your website's theme. However, the app adds the button for you, captures leads, monitors product prices, sends email alerts, all while you watch new orders come in and continue to achieve your sales goals.

Never Lose A Sale Due To Bad Pricing

Price is a sensitive issue for consumers. Massive sales are lost because of bad pricing. The app reveals the willingness-to-pay point for each product to help optimize for maximum orders.

Capture More Leads

Driving traffic is not enough today, stores also need to capture leads to add to a mailing list. This app is an incredible lead magnet which makes collecting them ridiculously simple.

Measure Demand, Not Just Sales

Every store owner needs to know what items customers most want to buy. Use our dashboard to see product demand trends & quantities to order. Increase profits by knowing rather than guessing demand.

Send Emails Customers Love & Build Loyalty

Customers will love getting alerts from your site which are based on the products they’ve told you they want to hear about. Send 1:1 personalized emails and improve engagement.

Convert Old Stock Into Cash

Easily clear unsold inventory to customers who showed interest in the first place. Generate cash all while delighting the shoppers.


  • Setup in minutes. Fully automated
  • Customize buttons, forms, and emails
  • Alerts at variant level
  • Dashboard analytics to track alerts, return visitors, conversions (coming soon), product trends etc
  • Import visitor emails in a CSV spreadsheet (coming soon)
  • Selectively hide price drop buttons for any product

Update Inventory ... Await Flood Of Customers !!!



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  • unlimited alerts

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4.8 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Bells N Whistles

Perfect app for price drop notifications. Pricing is just right and the UI is clean. The team behind it is very responsive. Go for it.


Kickass app! Tested it works perfect. Never knew so many customers would be interested in the product if prices were slightly lesser. The user interface is beautiful and easy to understand. The support team replied back in a few minutes. Its great!


This is a hidden gem on Shopify app store. Super useful to built email lists. And it has a no-fuss clean interface. Also the developers are very responsive.