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25 aprile 2024

Okay before I dive into my negative review, I know the developer will respond by giving me a generic reply however there is clear proof with over 90 1-star reviews how trash the support is for Out Of The Sandbox.

For starters, I am all for supporting people's business and I understand things cost money, keeping your website up to date costs money too however what doesn't sit right with me is how there is no support for anyone who has a custom code.

I decided to purchase the higher member tier for this app, thinking it was going to be a 1 click solution to update my out-of-date theme however, I ran into an issue where my theme couldn't be updated and I needed to contact customer support.

Basically, they looked into my theme and updated it however they had to copy my live theme and said that some code elements couldn't be transferred. Basically, my whole website was scrapped to nothing..

This was the email response I received:

"The error message here is expected and is related to Shopifys recent 'Section Group' changes which have affected the header and footer sections.

As a result, the mega menu would need to be rebuilt, but this will be a one-time inconvenience."

Pretty much Out Of The Sandbox doesn't give you any true help and tells you to outsource a freelancer to Storetasker which is the biggest money grab I have ever seen.

Look I am no expert but I am not a complete noob when it comes to technology and I know transferring a code isn't complicated.
I was charged $500 USD to transfer a few codes which is only less then an hour's work...That is the biggest scam I have ever heard. It costs more to transfer the code than the actual cost of the theme, and I know 100% that Out Of The Sandbox and Storetasker have some kind of agreement.

For anyone reading this, do yourself a favour and hire someone from Freelancer, it only cost me about $20 and the code was completed within an hour..

Mr Collectable
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 29 aprile 2024

Hi Mr Collectable team!

Shopify's move to Online Store 2.0 does add a few additional steps to the process in the initial update to 2.0, but the good news is that this is a 1-time update, and allows you to start fresh. This means you can do away with all the old code in your theme from old apps and customizations that can be slowing down your theme, and gives you the chance to move to Online Store 2.0 and take advantage of all the great features that have been introduced to your theme!

We appreciate that this can be a complicated process, and that is why our support team is here to help. Unfortunately, it looks like you uninstalled the app before we had a chance to reach out to you and assist, but we are here to help out should you need us.

We have reached out to you to see how we can help you update your vintage theme, and are looking forward to hearing back from you.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

25 aprile 2024

The Theme Updater works very well and easy to use. Just a click and it updates. And when I get any kind of issue, the support team always respond quickly and make sure I'm happy with the app. Highly recommended.

Naked Faire
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 29 aprile 2024

Hi Naked Faire team!

So glad to hear that the Theme Updater was able to help you streamline your theme's update process - thank you for leaving such a wonderful review of the app and our support team!

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

17 maggio 2024


Read all the 1 star reviews, pretty well sums up what you can expect. The theme updater doesn't work, their support is terrible and you'll have to rebuild the website yourself. It can't even copy the structure of your homepage over, let alone images or custom coding.

Kenetrek Boots
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 21 maggio 2024

Hi Kenetrek Boots team!

Our team replied to your initial email 13 minutes after receiving it, and sent you a collaborator access request to take a closer look at your shop with you.

Unfortunately, that access request was removed on your end, and we did not hear back from you. We are always here to help out, and our support team is available to assist with any questions that you have.

We have sent you a new email, and hopefully you are able to reply and we can help you out with your theme update.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

4 maggio 2024

I installed this app and got an error message "Could not complete theme update due to error". I contacted support, who said "our apps team is looking into this." It's been 13 days now, still no update, and they stopped replying to my emails.

Labo Mono
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 9 maggio 2024

Hi Labo Mono team!

Good news! We have been able to resolve the issue that you reported, and reached out to you in our open support ticket to let you know that you can move forward with updating your Motion theme as expected!

Thanks for reaching out to our team and letting us know.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

13 febbraio 2024

Great app for updating your theme and fantastic customer service from OOTS. Our website has a bit of custom coding, so I was nervous about tackling the update myself as I am not a developer. However, it all went incredibly smoothly, and now we are up to date. I had a couple of questions just the update process, and the customer support team was right there to help answer my questions and put my mind at ease. Also, the customization tracker that shows what changes have been made to the code vs the original is a hugely helpful tool. Thanks Out of the Sandbox team.

Stati Uniti
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 14 febbraio 2024

Hi House and Loft Living team!

Thank you very much for your wonderful review! Updating themes can be a daunting task, and we are so happy to hear that Theme Updater was able to streamline that process for you.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

21 marzo 2024

I've recently upgraded to the Pro option and it's made a big difference in terms of time and efficiency for my theme updates. Everything has gone smoothly and there is also excellent customer support.

Emily Kidson
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 22 marzo 2024

Hi Emily Kidson team!

We are happy to hear that the Pro plan of Theme Updater helped to streamline the update process for your theme! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review of both out app, and our customer service.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

Data modifica: 3 marzo 2024

I've been using the Theme Updater & Backups app for a while now to manage the theme on my Shopify store, and it has been an invaluable tool. The app makes it easy to upgrade my theme to the latest version with just a few clicks - no more having to check for updates and handle complicated uploads and installations manually.

A crucial feature that I depend on is that it highlights any custom changes I've made that won't carry over when updating to the new theme version. This makes it a breeze to quickly copy over any key custom CSS, code edits, or other modifications I've made after installing the updated theme. Without this handy feature, I'd risk losing necessary tweaks every time I update.

The support team is also excellent. I've contacted them several times with issues or questions, and they are very responsive. They take ownership of inquiries and will follow up with you until everything has been resolved.

Overall, I recommend the Theme Updater & Backups app to any Shopify merchant looking to simplify theme updates and implement robust backup protection. It has saved countless hours and given me confidence that my store data is safe. I don't know how I managed my theme without it!

Select Beauty
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 4 marzo 2024

Hi Select Beauty team!

Thank you for your amazing review! We are so happy to hear that using Theme Updater was able to streamline your theme's updating process, and that our support team was part of that process!

Updating your theme manually without the assistance of Theme Updater can be a big task, and we are glad that we were able to help you get onto the most recent version of your theme faster and easier.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

28 febbraio 2024

Used the theme updater and ran into a small problem. Contact support and issue was addressed and fixed with hours. Would definitely recommend this to all.

Circa 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 29 febbraio 2024

Hi Primespec1 team!

We are glad that our support team was there to assist, and that Theme updater app was able to help streamline your shop's update! Thank you very much for your review!

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

8 aprile 2024

Updating the theme was a breeze. Takes a lot of the fuss out of keeping things up-to-date.

Handmade Candles | Candlellation
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 9 aprile 2024

Hi Handmade Candles | Candlellation team!

So glad to hear that Theme Updater was able to streamline your shop's update! Updating your theme can be a big task, and we are so happy to hear that using the app was able to make this experience much smoother.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox

7 febbraio 2024

Out of the Sandbox, specifically their Turbo theme, is key to our website success. The feature set is amazing, but honestly time consuming on the initial set up. Thankfully, the theme updater app was created and has taken our site maintenance struggles away.

Now, when Turbo or Shopify releases updates, it's a simple matter of checking this app, clicking a couple buttons, and we are up with the latest styles and technology.

There is only one app in our stable that requires hands on help fixing, but that developer is also quick to respond.

This app pays for itself in time savings, without a doubt.

Mystic Knotwork
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Out of the Sandbox ha risposto 9 febbraio 2024

Hi Mystic Knotwork team!

Thank you for taking the team to leave us such a wonderful review! We are excited to hear that Theme Updater Plus has made such an impact on your store's update experience.

All the best,
Out of the Sandbox