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6. Oktober 2023

I think this is one of the best apps on the market today. And although its price is high, it is worth every penny invested in it. Using this application, you won’t even have the thought of looking for something else, since it has almost everything you need. In addition, the guys are constantly improving it and adding new functionality. If you compare the version from 3 years ago with the current one, you will see how far we have come both in terms of adding functionality and in terms of improving what already worked well.

Tortuga Games
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4. Oktober 2023

Very functional and user friendly live chat app with excellent customer support. Free plan is also very inclusive. High customization and easy to implement premium featuers as well.

Highly recommend.

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13. Oktober 2023

We have been using Tidio from the start of our webshop. Super nice live chat with many functions. The employees can be reached easily and quickly. We see a good and long collaboration with Tidio :).
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22. September 2023

Great platform, email marketing, campaigns, and can integrate with FB and IG. Overall a great tool for chat service! Highly recommend.

Vereinigte Staaten
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TIDIO LLC hat geantwortet 25. September 2023

Thank you. We’re thrilled that you were satisfied with our services. Your feedback is appreciated!

6. Oktober 2023

This app is great, does exactly what I need it to do without over complicating things and the integration with the phone app to take chats on the go is excellent! Shout out to Arek for also helping me out with some account troubleshooting, your customer service was impeccable!

Vereinigtes Königreich
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18. September 2023

Foremost we have a multi language shop and we want at least the chat widget and the bot texts to appear at least in 9 languages. A lot of work to set up, but Tidio can make it happen. Recently installed Tidio on a 2nd shopify store where before I installed Tidio, the native Shopify chat app was blocking the whole screen on mobile, so if customers left a message, they could not go back to the website, with Tidio absolute not the case, works smoothly. Now I have access to the chat communications from 2 websites in 1 app. and our facebook and instagram accounts are connected as well, so overall extremely happy how Tidio performs.

Barista och Espresso
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TIDIO LLC hat geantwortet 25. September 2023

Thanks for the review! I'm really happy to hear Tidio meets your expectations and the available solutions allowed you to achieve your exact setup needs!

19. September 2023

I'm a returning user. I've tried other apps, but Tidio allows more automation and features. Definitely recommend.

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TIDIO LLC hat geantwortet 25. September 2023

Thanks for the review! We appreciate your loyalty and continued trust in our services and will do our best to develop Tidio and our offer :)

4. September 2023

Simple the best chat app around. Especially for Shopify users. Easy install, great usage. Great support that is always reachable. Love this app and the functionalities of it. Highly recommended for every store that wants to do just that much more for their customers! :)

JessyAtSea | Wax Seal Shop
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TIDIO LLC hat geantwortet 7. September 2023

We're delighted we could help, and we appreciate your nice words! If you have any more queries, please let us know!

19. Oktober 2023

So far so good. Support is great. They get back to you right away.

Bay Bridal and Ball Gowns
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TIDIO LLC hat geantwortet 24. Oktober 2023

Thank you for the review, it means a lot to us. We always strive to give our best to help our clients and I’m glad that you are satisfied with our support!

8. November 2023

Awesome support and a great tool. You can choose from many bots and functions that make your store better.

Aquatic Accessories
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