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Giovane Ambizione

Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Alrededor de 2 meses

Olek, the owner of Tidio is an amazing person!

I was looking for the "right" live chat app which has the features: 1. what my customers have added on shopping cart 2. what pages they have been on, etcs...

Don't forget to also download free "Tidio Automation app"
This additional app is like NOS for your Tidio base app.
(You know what NOS is if you're a Fast & Furious fan like me haha)

Here are the actions that you can add once customers:

1) abandoned cart,
2) performs an action
3) doesn't perform an action
4) creates an account
5) experiences problems with payment
6) visits the website for their first time
7) opens a URL
8) leaves the page
9) spends a certain amount of time on page

and within every single of these 9 sections, you can customize exactly what you want to do after a specific action was taken by your customers!!

I wish I can say more good things about Olek and Tidio!

Its simply the best of the best out there from customer service to the app features and how flawlessly it works.

I am so amazed at just how awesome this app is.

When I deleted the app after trial in order to try some other app Proonto, I was disappointed because they were way too complex and sophisticated for my taste.

Tidio is simple yet has everything that I wanted for live chat.

Olek has emailed me even after 12 am to make sure that I got the best customer service.

I am very very happy customer!

Give this app a try, its honestly the only live chat app that works flawlessly both on desktops and on mobiles!


Thank You Olek.

Keep up your good work.
God bless.


Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 5 meses

A bit disappointed. I previously used the "Tawk.To" app, but I thought I would make the switch to Tidio because I enjoyed the design a lot better. But here's the problem, there is a big communication delay between Mobile and Desktop. I have to quit out of Tidio and restart the entire desktop application for the interface to mirror my mobile app properly.. Sometimes the problem is never solved when I restart both applications. Right now, the Tidio mobile app is telling me there are 7 people on my website - but the Tidio desktop app is telling me there are 9 people.. Guys, this is a pretty big deal. And because of this error, none of the analytics on the Tidio App should be trusted. I have to ask myself, am I missing chats? Who knows, because it's not reporting correctly. I have missed every single chat I have gotten so far since downloading the application. I never missed a single chat when using the "Tawk.To" application. Tidio never reports correctly since the day I downloaded it. And if you're wondering, Yes- both my mobile and desktop apps are synced under the same username. My previous chat application "Tawk.To" never had these problems, ever.

Unfortunately, I hate to say it but I need an immediate refund. Not only is the app not syncing, but the analytics cannot be trusted due to software issues.

Latest version (10.15.5) Mac OS Catalina on a perfectly functioning iMac Pro 2017.
Latest version (13.5.1) iOS iPhone 11 MAX


Respuesta del desarrollador

10 de junio de 2020

Hi, thank you for reporting this issue and for your honesty. We're now working with our developers to fully understand what caused this issue. We'll keep in touch with you. Apologies for the problem. Oscar & Olek from Tidio.

Mannix Knight United Kingdom

Ubicación Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Más de 1 año


10/12/15 - Just updated our mobile app as well as chrome extension - Absolutely flawless!

We also noticed more improvements in the UI & added settings for Responses.

We are confident to say Tidio is the best app on Shopify!



09/10/15 - It doesn't stop getting better. The facebook chat integration is absolutely brilliant. Automation works really well and has encouraged sale on targeted products. Very pleased with Tidio.



5/7/15 - Since our last review, there has been significant improvements on this app. All the issues we mentioned were swiftly rectified. Excellent customer service and quick development team.

Still a great app to use. The best available in my opinion.


4/7/15 - Really good app, very useful and user friendly. However, our experience with it has been a little frustrating.

Firstly, setting the opening time takes some skill to master the art of dragging the cursor to the exact o'clock required.

Secondly, the app keeps resetting our opening times and shows we are online when we aren't

Those are the only flaws we've seen. Overall, it's a really good app and we are well pleased. Thank you.

Berwyn Betty's Bath & Body Shop

Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 8 días

The Tidio product is overall pretty good and we are happy with one day into it. However, prospective buyers should be aware that part of the offering that is promised under the Communicator Plan (the feature "view customer profile") is listed as available. But when a user clicks on this feature after licensing the use of the Communicator Plan at $20/month, the product displays a message "You will need Communicator Plan add-on to view Customer Profile". I queried support and they said it is not yet available so clearly that is misinformation, purposeful or otherwise. I suggested to their representative that this message should either be a 'coming soon' or not be displayed as part of Communicator Plan since it is not available currently under the plan and is misleading ... at best. Since the Communicator Plan is 1/3 of our subscription fee, I can only give Tidio a 3 of 5 at this time as a result of this misinformation. Which is sad because the actual product seems to work but if the information is inaccurate, that's a pretty big deal. Hopefully they will address this published misinformation regarding existing features of Communicator Plan and I can enthusiastically update this review to a 5 star at that time.

Respuesta del desarrollador

29 de septiembre de 2022

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time and leaving your feedback, and apologies for the misunderstanding. We appreciate it and we will do our best to improve Tidio in the future, so that it can become a 5 star app for you :) Let us know if you need any further assistance. Chris


Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Más de 2 años

Tidio has a lot features, almost a dizzying amount, but for us, it is not always user friendly to figure out how to use them all. The naming of the features can be confusing and similar features are found in different places. But if you have the patience to really dig in, you will likely find most of the features you would want. On-line chat is very helpful, but again, requires patience to fully understand, as they are well-steeped in the software and you are what seems simple to them may not be so to you! We use our chat app mostly for direct, live chat with site visitors, so cannot really comment on all the auto-responding bots. But works reliably well for live chats. The one feature I WISH they had was to include a "please leave email" field within their bots, so if a visitor needs to leave before you can get to them or get back to them, it is clear and simple that they must leave an email so you can get back to them. This message must be manually entered by you, which makes it a bit harder/less obvious for the visitor, which means they might leave without leaving their email, and could be gone forever!

Respuesta del desarrollador

16 de septiembre de 2021

Thank you so much for the feedback and ideas on how we can improve! We appreciate them very much.


Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Alrededor de 1 hora

Initially I had tried Beeketing's FB messenger integration but was having major issues getting notifications on my phone -- seemed to be an issue with FB messenger, not beeketing, but still made their app less than great. (also, some of my customers don't have Facebook!!!) I switched to Tidio, using the free version -- glad I made the change, the interface is great for both my customers and me.

I like that they have an app for iOS - I think they have it for android too. Excellent chat management all around, the app is nicely organized and the notifications work. Interestingly you can also hook your FB page messenger up to this and actually receive notifications! 2 birds, 1 app, fam.

Also worth noting that the live chat feature doesn't cut into my theme AT ALL, not on the checkout page or add to cart button for desktop or mobile, and I'm using the Debut theme. If anything, it's even more out of the way, doesn't interfere with scrolling. Everything is professional. I haven't looked into their automation features yet but plan to soon.

Install was really fast. Actually under 20 seconds. A+ all around!

Coastal Gifts Inc

Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 15 días

Update: as of 9-23-2022 I have still not received a full refund as I was told by customer support when I cancelled within an hour of install because of misleading wording in pricing plans on Shopify compared to their website. Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots $49.00
Tidio Chat Automation: 2022-09-09 - 2022-10-09
I am very disappointed in this company. I had high hopes for this app. Installed it after viewing the details and pricing on both Shopify and and the pricing for the higher plan was $49.00 on Shopify and $39.00 on Tidio so after reading all the details I believed the higher price and plan meant I get all the features including the bots unlimited. After upgrading since there is no trial I was charged immediately and when I figured out that I would have to add the Communicator Plan as well for $19.00 more I requested a refund after only having it for a couple of hours and all I was told is to cancel and it will automatically end at the end of the billing cycle. THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! This is a bad business practice of bait and switch and I can't believer they allow it on the Shopify Marketplace.

Respuesta del desarrollador

9 de septiembre de 2022

Hi there, we are extremely sorry to hear of your experience! Our Customer Satisfaction Specialist will be contacting you to address this immediately. Thank you for letting us know!

Alternativa para tu Salud

Ubicación México
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Alrededor de 2 meses

It is an app for direct communication with users from the website. Take advantage of it indeed, it is very worth getting it. Its functions in customer service are really good, clear and simple, it has always been said that customer service is essential for a company, that is, it is a priority. "The customer is always right". Well, even if you don't believe it, the truth is that the customer should be well served, so you will increase your interactions with their requests by 100%, the customer does have the right to comment on our product and, in this case, their comments will be well received, this app knows well do its job, so new users should download the app. For this reason, it is very important to listen to the opinions of other experienced users that often help us understand the practicality of the app in all its versions. I hope this feedback can help improve the experience of installing it, this product is important and valuable, you also have the support if the product fails, hopefully more positive ratings and positive comments from users.

Respuesta del desarrollador

31 de enero de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to write your review and sharing your insight with other users! We're very pleased you find our app useful, and we'll do our best to keep you satisfied!

Furious Sauces

Ubicación Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación 6 meses

I've tried most of the chat apps on Shopify. Tidio Live Chat is by far the best app, with a very fair price point per operator.

The interface is clean, super easy to use, and you can be up in running in less than 2 minutes!

I like the fact that the chat window appears as the business itself, and when an operator joins the customers chat, the chat window changes from 'the business' to the operator.

There are choices from a variety of looks, with tons of customization options, being able to customize your chat however you want or put it on it's own page on your site if you prefer. Knowing what your customers are looking at on your site, or where they may be getting stuck is a sweet feature.

Tidio also has an app for android and ios that performs well. The app has notification options so you can hear new chats or visitors coming in while on the road. I can't stress enough how much of a needed feature that is.

I'm glad I tried this app, and I'm positive you will be too.

Beautifulthins Com

Ubicación Estonia
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación Alrededor de 2 años

We at have used Tidio Live Chat for some time now. During this time we have tried using other chats available on the market and came to conclusion that Tidio, our first choice, is still the best option. Tidio amazed us with with its broad functionality and easy to use interface and that all available on the free plan (which is especially important for us at the moment, as we are a young company). Tidio also positively surprised us with a mobile app and a chrome extension, these 2 are really useful and make you as a business "always online" and ready to help our customers when needed, not only when we are specifically logged in on shopify chat. We particularly like, that we can set up the view of our chat (business style or modern), the sounds that gives us info if someone came to our page, possibility to see from which browser and country the customer is browsing our page. All very convenient and gives needed info at one glance! So, thank you Tidio team, we really enjoy your App!