TikTok Pixel ‑ Smart

TikTok Pixel ‑ Smart

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One click TikTok pixel conversion tracking - Smart

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Easy to Setup

Have all your TikTok data tracked in just one click. Install, submit your TikTok ID, and choose whatever event you want to track.

Build Smart Audiences

Retarget correct audiences to recover lost sales! Get accurate audience data based on views, add to cart, sales, etc. for promoted pins.

Get Hight Result

Receive accurate conversion data for your TikTok. Easily view the TikTok ads that are converting the best on your account.

TikTok Pixel ‑ Smartの詳細情報

Why You Need TikTok Pixel:

As TikTok grows in advertising, having a tracking system will help you stay on top of your advertising methods and sales. Have the analytics you need right at your fingertips to help increase and recover lost profits!

TikTok Pixel will analyze your ads and determine which ones are working the best. You will have access to basic tracking events as well as payment tracking events.

How It Works:

Once you install TikTok Pixel, it will install the pixel code on your website and you can create what event you would like to track through your TikTok dashboard.

Basic Tracking:

Track the events of the customers throughout their shopping journey. You have the option to track these event types: User registration, Product details page browsing, Add to cart and Place an order.

Outside of Basic Tracking, you will be able to track your payment conversions.

Complete payment event:

Track TikTok users that have made complete transactions on your website. You will be able to analyze this section of data to determine purchase trends (i.e. total sales per product, average order value, etc).

Retarget and Get Sales:

With TikTok Pixel, you can effectively determine what audiences you want to retarget! You’ll have the option to retarget TikTok audiences that have viewed your website pages or have checked out from your website already. Having these retarget audiences will help you recover lost sales by giving you the flexibility to promote your ads to those who have already shown interest. You also have the ability to choose what options you want to track from the app. Choose your options based on what analytics you want to view! Create more in-depth options the more your business on Pinterest grows.

Install TikTok Pixel and Enjoy :)


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Easy to install + it helps in leveraging my conversions
It's perfect! Thanks, guys!


I love this app, it makes installing pixel so easy
Hight recommended 10/10
Thank you developers!


Excellent customer service! I made some stupid mistakes and messed up the code. And Afla helps me handle my issue, and have everything fixed.