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25 febbraio 2024

Good Feel but one thing let me know , when we start integrate with Shopify all setup, your ad account under review, this normally takes up to 24 hours. that thing less then 1 hours waiting. please in future work on it. other things awesome

Shahlatif Store
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23 febbraio 2024

Very easy to set up in shopify and connect to their store. Tiktok team is VERY responsible and quick which is awesome. None of the other social media's are as quick to respond as TikTok is and that is why TikTok will stay around and go far as a social media platform. Sometimes I think their policies are strict compared to others, and their appeal process needs a little tweaking- but I think as a new social media platform they will figure that stuff out as they grow. Capcut is AWESOME.

Golden Tallow
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5 febbraio 2024

The ad campaign is easy to use and has helped with people going to my site. Although I haven’t had any sales yet the fact that I’m getting some kind of traffic is great. Thank you Tik Tok

19 febbraio 2024

I would recommend this app based on how easy it was to set up. Its a customer friendly app! Thanks for making this process so simple.

Gifts to Love
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23 febbraio 2024

We have the best products for low price. We will make sure you receive what you have paid For.

Konas Home Decor
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18 febbraio 2024

because I can promote my product where theres a lot of people/customers

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18 febbraio 2024

Very Happy with the setup process, easy and convenient.
Yet to see results!!!

12 febbraio 2024

Everything is already set and ready to go. The Product was already picked. I just have to set my own budget.it was that easy.

JMTE Gift Store
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5 febbraio 2024

i was hard in the begining, but after i had all things verified, im able to do it with ease

MaQLar Hair Care
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15 febbraio 2024

just set up TikTok really easy but lets see what results i get for my shop.

Lulu Blue Boutique
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