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28 juni 2024

I'm not a computer tech but this was easy. Now if I can figure out how to see what is on tik tok

Blue Ridge Barkery
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18 juni 2024

It was very easy to setup and intuitive to use. I expect great results from my efforts

Lacatang Electronics
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10 juli 2024

worst sales channel i ever tried so far. useless and please be careful sharing your data with them. they will drive your store to hell. scripts will make your site super slow. try elsewhere for better service

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16 mei 2024

I enjoy TikTok. Lots of educational, how to's and much more on here!

219 Main Marketplace
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22 mei 2024

Love TikTok! This platform is the one I use most as it gets my product out to viewers the most.

Vandermeer Boutique
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7 maanden gebruiken de app
4 mei 2024

It's very helpful when your setting up and anything you do it has tips to let you know how to do it which I think is good for anyone who doesn't understand the settings it's like it knows what your doing and what your trying to do but not doing it correctly.
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18 april 2024

As the owner of Oasis Health, a dedicated hub for natural health products, I've always looked for innovative ways to reach our customers and expand our market. Entering the world of TikTok Shop has been nothing short of transformative for our business, and I am thrilled to share our experiences with this vibrant platform.

From the outset, TikTok Shop presented itself as an exceptionally user-friendly interface. The setup process was straightforward, allowing us to quickly upload our product listings and integrate seamlessly with our existing online inventory systems. The visual-centric layout of TikTok Shop greatly favored our colorful, eye-catching health products, from organic supplements to eco-friendly wellness accessories.

One of the most impressive aspects of TikTok Shop has been its vast, engaged audience. The platform's algorithm superbly matches our products with interested users, significantly increasing our visibility. It's not just about views; the engagement rates are through the roof. Customers not only browse but also interact—asking questions, leaving reviews, and sharing their purchases with friends. This interactive shopping experience has built a community around our brand.

Financially, TikTok Shop has been highly rewarding. We've seen a significant uplift in sales figures since joining the platform. The cost-effectiveness of the service is outstanding, with lower commission rates compared to other e-commerce giants, allowing us to invest more back into sourcing high-quality products.

TikTok Shop has been instrumental in propelling Oasis Health forward. The platform has not only increased our sales and customer base but also enhanced our brand visibility and reputation significantly. We are more connected to our customers and are able to respond to the health and wellness market more dynamically than ever before. I wholeheartedly recommend TikTok Shop to other retailers looking for a fresh, highly engaging, and effective sales channel.

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15 mei 2024

The problem is Tiktok wants letters for every product whether it is trademarked or not, to be honest all it has done is annoy me, and take up hours with no outcome of any kind that is of a positive impact and right now with 16 days to launch i should be billing them for the time wasted on what is a childs platform. I do want to sell through their app but they are asking for information that doesn't exist or suspending items because a word is repeated ( I have learning diffiulties and lost my hand last year in a car crash so there is no room for disabled sellers on there)

Karas Beauty Fix Ltd
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14 juli 2024

I connected this tiktok for my shop on shopify. Using correct email and phone number. When you log into tiktok account on the desktop with your correct email and phone number your shop doesn't exist and you have to start over with the registration. I notice that my shopify connection changes with tiktok sending data to another area. I notice that my logo changed on tiktok shopify and I get numerous account information to change. Yes, I have 2fa and all the security mumbo jumbo. Tiktok will sell your information send data that doesn't related to any of your items this is data theft. Watch out when deploying any kind of tiktok shop business to your shopify. Its not worth it. My thoughts when it was easy to do on shopify and sync i thought wow this is too good to be true and sure enough it is. All my products are originated and made in the usa now i see duplicates of similar products of mine on tiktok for less. I did a test to see where my traffic went, sure enough my shop has been re routed to another site. so I was losing out sales while the other site was gaining my traffic through this app. do not install this.

Coeur de la Mode
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13 april 2024

I love the creativity and the templates make content much easier to create and much more accessible to those without too much experience.

Born, Bred & Buttered
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