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13 december 2023

I've been running my Shopify store for almost 5 years, and after activating my TikTok US Shop account, some of my international products got automatically synced. Orders came in before I even noticed, but despite that, I quickly delivered those orders to all my customers. To comply with TikTok rules, I disabled all international products from the TikTok store and started listing only the items in our US warehouse. However, after a few sales, our TikTok Shop account was unfairly closed, and they held onto the accumulated funds, transferring them to their own pockets. They're constantly making new updates, adding new rules every day, and technical glitches have occurred multiple times. The support team responds with pre-written messages, appearing to be attentive but actually doing nothing. Every time I reach out, my serious issue gets sidelined, and their sole concern seems to be getting a 5-star survey from me. A GREAT INJUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE TO ME!

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Bewerkt 15 januari 2024

I would give 0 stars if I could. It caused a tik tok javascript pixel sandbox error on my site that I cannot for the life of me get rid of. Tik tok is ABSOLUTELY NO HELP. They dont care at all. I have contacted every department possible and NO ONE will help. Terrible customer service- Do yourself a favor and avoid this app - worst mistake I ever made

Posh Pet Glamour Boutique
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28 januari 2024

I'm getting the error below. Tiktok says it is a Shopify issue and Shopify says it's a tiktok issue. Either way it is not working as designed and my shop won't sync.

TikTok Shop Update needed
Sales channels
Your products couldn't be synced to TikTok due to a location address issue. Update your location addresses on
Shopify and try again
Online Store
Point of Sale
Update now

Global Volunteer Recognition Program LLC
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4 december 2023

It's extremely frustrating to have your products disapproved for information that's clearly inputted within the shopify platform. Reaching out to customer service is a joke. I reached out for assisted over a month ago and they seemed to just pass me off from one person to another - neither of which solved or even addressed my issues. I was very hopeful for this integration but nope.

Essential Diamonds Co
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18 december 2023

TikTok attempts to persuade you to enroll in their marketing sales campaigns by guaranteeing you coupons and free shipping that you can use and will be credited for. However, this is a false claim. They do not provide any reimbursement for these offers, and they also keep your funds for a period of 2-3 weeks.
Not even worth the time and headache to sell on TikTok.

Sugoi JDM
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3 januari 2024

Shopify is great, very intuitive and relatively easy to navigate and connecting it to a TikTok shop is relatively easy. TikTok Shop is very frustrating at times. The process of accepting orders and printing shipping labels is straight foreword but TikTok as a platform seems to hold more bearing in their buyers than their sellers. Buyer initiated refunds and returns are accepted and processed automatically with what feels like little regard from the Seller. Customer Service leaves much to desire. Any explanation of violations you might encounter and why they were applied are non-existent and it seems appeals of violations fall on deaf ears. Its unfortunate that is it such an effective way to get your products in front of possible consumers, as long as you color within the vague lines TikTok has set. Good Luck.

Simply Spun
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21 januari 2024

This app worked fine for the most part last year. Now since the update at the end of the year (2023) it is completely broken. The sync is broken. This app is now worthless and causing more stress than it is worth.

Gryphon Worx Creations
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3 januari 2024

Cant ship Tiktok orders on shiopify. Very frustating. Orders should go to Shopify just like META orders. They also hide all information and make it hard to ship orders for customers.

HeyBuddy Club
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16 november 2023

sync does nork. most of the products are not approved to sell in the Shop because of reasons that do not apply. for instance states a product does not have country of origin listed in Shopify- but it definitely does. Each product disapproved has its own incorrect issues and in total there are a multitude of incorrect reasons for disapprovals AND CANNOT EDIT ISSUES IN THR SHOPIFY APP. there is not a clear path to fix items that do not sync in the TikTok Shop either. Of course, if I wanted to place a ADVERTISING though, in Marketplace all products are perfectly in sync, approved and there are not issues. Have spent way too much time on this already.

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6 januari 2024

I really wanted the app to work since I have been using a 3rd party app to sync and wanted to move away from those costs. But there are two major issues that is a deal breaker so far: 1) the inability to selectively disable or enable the sync of certain attributes (like product name, description, photos, pricing) and 2) if you disable the TikTok channel in Shopify for a product, it will delete the product in TikTok and when you re-enable it, it will create the product with a NEW ID. This means any commission set or reviews are not available when it created the new product.

I'll have to wait until they come out with more granular features before I can comfortably switch to it.

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