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18. září 2023

Amazing app to set products as coming soon or for setting up pre-orders. But even better support. Highly recommend.

Mini Mod
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20. říjen 2023

I just started using this app and it is good so far. The best part is the free one-on-one demo that they provide. I had Jolo and he was so patient and great. He answered all of my questions in a clear and concise way!

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31. říjen 2023

Timesact has been awesome so far! So easy to use - very user friendly. And the free setup support call is awesome. I personally had Jolo do my setup support call and he was so friendly and helpful.

Prima Medical
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14. listopad 2023

My set up call with Rommel was amazing. He guided me through all the apps potential and features. Explained everything in detail and did demo tests with me to show me the whole process. Really Recommend this app to merchants because of its easy to use platform and customer service. Thanks for all the help provided during my call!

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31. říjen 2023

I wholeheartedly recommend Timesact on shopify to take care of your preorder. It's easy to use, and it sets you up perfectly. Their customer service is second to none. I was doing something wrong with my setup, and reached out to customer service, and they responded quickly, and effectively in taking care of my issue. Now my presale is set up seamlessly!

Nicasio & Co.
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26. září 2023

I recently installed the Timesact app and integrated it to my Shopify store. I was able to set up a free 1x1 zoom meeting with one of their reps, Solo, and it was super helpful. Solo went over all of the function within the Timesact app and gave me a demonstration on how to navigate my account and settings. Highly recommend to other users!

Vita Pacifica
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7. říjen 2023

Jonathan was incredible. My 3pl has spent 2 months going in circles and saying it was impossible and in one hour Jonathan guided me to the perfect solution.

Glow Collection
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30. srpen 2023

Customer service is quick and VERY helpful! I was able to contact them and they were able to quickly resolve my issues without me needing to take any action.

Linen & Lush Boutique
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2. listopad 2023

Jolie was absolutely amazing. Made the onboarding process easy to understand. The app itself is not very complicated if you give it a few minutes of exploration and the YouTube videos make it very easy to follow along and learn without needing too much outside support. I suggest taking to time to utilize the free 30 minute call to get any add all questions answered I. Real time with a visual representation of what to do as you follow along. Absolutely necessary app!

Anubis Athletica
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11. listopad 2023

The support you have provided, and the functionality of the app could not be any better. 5 stars to the team!

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