Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

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Pre-Order/Sold Out/Coming Soon/Backorder/Pre-sale/Out of Stock

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Whatever happens keep selling!

"Sold Out", "Out of Stock", got backorders? Put your products or variants on Pre-Order and keep selling. Great for "Coming soon" products.

Automate Pre-Order Discounts 🦾

Pre-orders give you the time and money to scale. So why not encourage more with discounts? We apply them automatically for your customers.

Need new features? App is FREE

Make your voice heard! Give us a cool feature idea and the app is FREE for you until we build it. Just reach out.

Sobre Timesact | Discount Pre‑Order

Last Updated 2021-02-24

Covid-19 aid

Enjoy a FREE plan with 10 Pre-Orders a month or ~750$ order value. #weareinthistogether

How did NIKE go from almost bankrupt every month for many years to scaling smoothly?

Pre-Orders from distributors.

Why was the PS5 rollout a fiasco (not because of Covid-19 btw)?

They did not offer Pre-Orders soon enough to gauge real demand.

Pre-Orders are for you if you are:

  • Dropshipping and suppliers are taking a long time (an early Pre-Order is always better than a late Order)
  • Having a winning product that's out of stock and want to keep selling
  • Launching a new collection before having stock
  • Testing/Aggregating product demand before bulk ordering with suppliers for discounts
  • In need of working capital NOW to cover manufacturing costs

Why should you discount Pre-Orders?

It encourages more pre-orders and since you get paid NOW and have to fulfil LATER you have both the time buffer and money to scale quickly and painlessly.

Easy setup with NO CODING required

  • Just select the product(s)/variant(s) you wish to put on pre-order
  • A specific interval or continuous pre-ordering
  • A quantity limit for pre-orders (optional)
  • A discount (optional)


  • Apply Pre-Order discounts automatically
  • Set Pre-Order for specific product variants
  • Bulk editing
  • Search/set by product tag
  • Pre-Order tag in orders list
  • Switch "Sold Out", "Out of Stock", "Backorder" or "Coming Soon" buttons to "Pre-Order"
  • Set Pre-Order limit or unlimited Pre-Orders
  • Set time interval when Pre-Orders are available
  • Pre-Order label in cart you can edit (i.e. "Shipping May 31th)"
  • Pre-Order message on product page
  • Edit Pre-Order button text
  • Mobile friendly
  • Stock Management (Automatically detect when a variant reaches 0 inventory and switch "Add to Cart" to "Pre-Order". Reverts to "Add to Cart" when re-stocked)
  • AJAX carts

Upcoming Feature:

  • Pre-Order badge on product images.

Works with any Shopify theme and does NOT alter it

Works with everything, 100% safely.

FREE fix for issues caused by previously installed Pre-Order Apps

If another app broke your theme we'll fix it for FREE.

The ONLY entrepreneur-friendly Pre-Order App

Other apps charge you per product, customer support or directly, because their success is not yours. We believe in you so you only pay us when we've made you money.

Safe and convenient

You can de-activate our code in the dashboard. Customer support is automatically notified. No need to uninstall or re-install.

Uninstalling removes ALL our code

No Javascript code left to cause errors in the future.

Happy to assist you 24/7 for FREE on:

  • In App Chat during business hours
  • Email (12h max response time)

Built in the EU

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Timesact START


  • 10 pre-orders/month (+5 FREE with 15 min user interview)

  • ALL products & variants

  • ALL features

  • Email & Chat support (24 h max response)

Timesact PRO


  • 50 pre-orders per month

  • ALL products & variants

  • ALL features

  • Email & Chat support (12 h max response)

Timesact EXPERT


  • 150 pre-orders per month

  • ALL products & variants

  • ALL features

  • Email & Chat support (8 h max response)



  • 500 pre-orders per month

  • ALL products & variants

  • ALL features

  • Email & Chat support (6 h max response)

  • Need more? Please contact us

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em dólar norte-americano (USD). As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

5.0 de 5 estrelas

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I tried many of the Pre-Order apps available and found Timesact to be the easiest to use. When I had a small complication getting it to integrate with Shogun, the Customer Service was exceptional. They were able to get the integration working in no time and the product works seamlessly. Highly recommend this app!

Thistles on Libbie

I just installed this app and as soon as I started working in it help became available immediately. Love that! I think this will be a good fit for our shop.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

3 de março de 2021

Thank you! A pleasure to help and be a part of your business success.

Best regards,


UNCU London™

Really great app. Does exactly what it says and is really easy to use. Andrei has been super helpful throughout! Highly recommend,

Resposta do desenvolvedor

3 de março de 2021

Thank you for the kind words and for being open and communicative when working together! I'm sure we'll grow sales together for a long time.

Best regards,

Andrei from Timesact