TipTop ‑ TikTok Shoppable Feed

TipTop ‑ TikTok Shoppable Feed

作成: The Scorpio Lab

Give Discount For Like, Comment & Share To Grow Your Brand

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Increase Sales & Revenue

Add a shoppable TikTok feed anywhere and even a dedicated TikTok page! Watch your visitors become customers as they shop your viral videos.

Unique Like & Comment Feature

Our uniquely designed shoppable feed also offer your customers a "discount" in exchange for a heart, comment and share. Unique to TipTop!

Increase Brand Awareness

Don't get left in the dust, your competitors are embracing TikTok and going viral. So stop making excuses and join the TikTok community.

TipTop ‑ TikTok Shoppable Feedの詳細情報

Why TipTop?

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform right now and is taking the market by storm. The sooner you join the easier it is to exponentially grow your social reach!

Your customers are always asking themselves - "What is that and where can I buy it?" So we answered back and designed TipTop to create a shoppable TikTok feed.

The app allows you to embed your TikTok feed anywhere you like and even on a dedicated page. Simply add your username and show/hide the videos for your feed.

TipTop's Unique Features

  1. Single Discount - Offer a discount in exchange for a heart, comment or share
  2. Smart Discounts - Offer different discounts based on actions performed for example 5% off just for a heart, 10% off for a heart & comment or 15% off for a heart, comment & share
  3. Dynamic Discounts - Never worry about customers sharing discount codes

Easily increase sales, engagement and awareness with one smart app, TipTop!

Are you saying this to yourself?

I don't have a lot of TikTok videos or I don't have time to create content. Well, don't worry we got your back! You can add videos to your feed via hashtags or copy/paste any TikTok video url. So find a funny viral video, tag your products and show it on your feed!


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  • support@thescorpiolab.com

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Tip Plan


  • Create Beautiful TikTok Feed
  • Tag Products In TikTok Videos
  • Add Feed Anywhere
  • Dedicated Feed Page
  • Offer Discount For Heart, Comment & Share

Top Plan


  • Everything In Tip Plan
  • Smart Discounts - Offer Different Discounts Based On Actions
  • Dynamic Discounts - Auto Generate Different Discounts

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Mister SFC

Such a great app for showcasing my TikTok videos! Easy to set up and looks great on my website!!!!