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10. kesäkuu 2019

This app has been very helpful. We have been using it for a few months now and we are able to see a good ROI. Support has been very responsive and on time. Thanks and keep it up.

Melkein 3 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 21. tammikuu 2020

Amazing support from the app support team (special kudos to Eligjius) who supported us even over holidays to support our marketing event ..Would continue working with Tobi for the coming events of my company

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
Melkein 3 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
22. kesäkuu 2018

smoothly operaed and great idea, fb messenger is on the rise

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
26. kesäkuu 2018

so far I love what I see I really appreciate the layout design and feel of the interface.

Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
13. kesäkuu 2018

Great APP! Easy to use! Highly recommend!

Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
21. tammikuu 2020

We are using Tobi app for a major sales event in the Greater China region as part of our online to offline order confirmation flow. The team has been super helpful in creating a custom flow for our company, in which the a QR code corresponding to the order number+ mobile number is automatically added in the body of the SMS. Thanks Tobi team for the excellent support and handling our requirement , making the execution super easy

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
11. syyskuu 2018

Just installed the app few hours ago and already a recovered cart.
The team is really cooperative. Just suggested a new feature and they were working on it after few minutes.

Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
10. syyskuu 2019

This software is very good, online customer service is very considerate, can solve many of my problems, so submitted five-star praise.

Rose Hair
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
4. marraskuu 2019

It's the best apps. The support is very kindly and very nice, I used the apps get more sale. I recommend it.

iGoody Goods
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 29. toukokuu 2019

OMG! This app is one of the best apps on the app store. With all the amazing features I can't believe it is FREE! I'd tried it out last year and it was not up to speed but now I wouldn't trade this app for anything. This is all you will ever need for abandon carts! Way to go Tobi team you have made me a believer!

For those of you wondering.... No, this is not a fake review and no I was asked to write this. This app has saved me so much money that I had to tell Tobi how much I appreciated it.

Rim Of The Glass
Noin 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
GOtext vastasi 4. maaliskuu 2019

All the issues have been fixed and we added more features to Messenger!