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Tolstoy Interactive Video

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Personalized product recommendations, quiz, FAQ & video chat

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Build authenticity and trust

With Tolstoy, you can show visitors how different you are from the competition. Create a strong emotional connection, as soon as they land.

Recommend the perfect products

Give specific product and category recommendations, based on each visitor's answers to questions. Same as you would in an offline store!

Segment your customers better

Imagine the deep insights you'd get if you could have a real conversation with every visitor. That's exactly what you get with Tolstoy.

Über Tolstoy Interactive Video

Build a strong emotional connection with your visitors, and guide them to the right products, with Tolstoy's interactive video bots.

P.S.: We just launched! Join now and get access to unlimited videos!


  • Build brand loyalty by showing visitors the authentic, intimate side to your brand.
  • Imagine if you could have an actual conversation with every visitor. That's exactly what you get with Tolstoy.
  • Completely personalize your product recommendations for every visitor, based on what they tell you.
  • Explain complicated products with ease and grace, with tailored selling points for each type of customer.
  • Collect visitor contact details, and use their answers to create super smart segmentation.
  • Put your best face forward and make your brand more personal and real.
  • Add something special and unique to your site!


  1. Record a few short video clips on your phone. At the end of each clip, you can ask your visitors a question.
  2. Use our drag-and-drop builder to stitch the videos together.
  3. Create different flows for each type of customer.
  4. Embed your Tolstoy anywhere on your site, with the click of a button. You can publish it as a video chatbot, an embedded video, or even share it in an email!
  5. Get notified whenever a visitor engages with one of your Tolstoys.
  6. Get deep insights about each visitor, and easily create super smart segmentation.


  • Tell your brand's individual story and show the people behind it
  • Personal shopper – personalized recommendations
  • Explain (and show!) complex products and product categories
  • Recommend bestsellers
  • Welcome bot
  • Interactive FAQ
  • How-to videos


Getting started is easy! Once you install the app, you'll get access to Tolstoy's drag-and-drop interactive video maker, where you can easily create your first Tolstoy. We're excited to see all the ways you choose to use Tolstoy!

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Uniform Apparel

Super cute app, I used it to create an interactive video on my e-commerce store and customers could answer questions. Love it.
Great customer support, too. They helped me personally embed it on my website.

Marom Dolphin

The app gives you a great ability to communicate complicated messages in a simple and clear way to customers.
We made an instructional video about one of our more complex and expensive systems.
This has significantly upgraded our ability to deliver complex content to our customers, and we are going to produce more and more videos with the help of the app. Both training videos and marketing and sales videos.
Beyond the functional advantage, it does have a wow effect because you do not see interactive videos every day, it transmits innovation and contributes to the brand.
In the process of installing the app and creating the content, we received help from the app staff. Great support.

Level 1620

Very cool concept, that allows me to direct my visitors directly to the products that are most relevant to them. I had some trouble getting started and the support team helped me right away! Really good experience.