Track Map ‑ Link Tracking

Track Map ‑ Link Tracking

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Use smart urls to track your social media influencer sales

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Focus on what is working

Now you can know exactly what campaigns are converting.

Real-Time Data

Create a link and start getting real-time info in seconds!

Trusted Links

Shorten your links with one click to make them easy to recognize and build trust.

Over Track Map ‑ Link Tracking

Updated: October 2021

Voted “One of the most innovative Shopify products of 2021” in the "Analytics" category by Ultimate eCommerce. Track Map has also been featured in Dropship Life (Social Media, Influencer, Analytics, etc.) and American Entrepreneur as a must-have eCommerce app for any online store or drop shipping enthusiast.

Why would you use Track Map?

Let’s say you are working with a social media influencer. They advertise your product and send people to your site to make a purchase.

How are you going to track the sales? With Track Map! Just create a link and give it to the influencer to use. Every time a sale comes in, you will know exactly where it came from.

We make it easy to create trackable links for all marketing campaigns and display real-time analytics about that link, such as clicks, orders, and revenue.

How it works

To create a trackable link, simply tell us where to link to and enter basic details about your campaign. For example, maybe you want to create a link that will go in the description of a YouTube video.

We will then generate a unique link. You can view clicks, orders, and revenue that come from that link. It’s the easiest way to know if your campaigns are successful. You can also shorten your link if you wish!

Key features

1. Create a trackable link

Tell us about your campaign. Give it a title, description, and other brief details. We will generate a unique link for this campaign using UTM parameters and other attributes that allow us to track it.

2. Shorten your link

We shorten the link using Bitly with one button click. Short URLs are much prettier and more trustworthy.

3. Real-time analytics

Each link you create will come with analytics. You can quickly view clicks, sales, orders, and conversion rates. This is important for figuring out which campaigns are working and where you may want to allocate your future efforts.

Examples of where you might want a trackable link

  • YouTube video description
  • Email marketing campaign
  • SMS campaign
  • Instagram swipe-up story
  • Link in bio (social media)
  • Blog article
  • Somewhere on your own website
  • Facebook ad
  • Any other campaign you want to track!



  • Privacybeleid

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  • Unlimited shortened links using Bitly
  • View orders of customers who checked out with your links
  • Clicks and conversion history for customers

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This App is Amazing. I found out about it through TikTok and haven't stopped using it. My Brand Ambassadors love it! It helps me track specifically each sale an influencer brings in. Shopify only has the "Discount Code" option which doesn't work well at all for tracking sales (most customers don't use coupon codes but just click a link). This data helps me build my campaigns even stronger. Thanks TrackMap!