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Editado a 2 de maio de 2020

UI is straightforward with decent rule options such as allow, redirect, or show blank page (after loading complete.) The last option is a nice soft block option as you can hide your store from folks and make it look more like a bug rather than making it obvious they're blocked.

However, this has one fatal flaw which has been tested over the last month. Even with lightish traffic, say 1k sessions per day, you cannot use the main search log function to look for specific occurrences. It always consistently times out. If you want to see if someone who is blocked (say someone posting fraudulent orders frequently) and you have a rule in place to block them, you could see log entries that triggered the rule from the rule but only for the current day. Thus you have no way of looking back over a longer period of time for specific rule traffic or doing any general searches, even with current traffic.

Having an unsearchable log makes this a not so good solution. Things worked great at first when we didn't have a large log stretching back months so probably this is just a database optimization/indexing and query issue. If this was fixed, by allowing rules to display hits going back further than 1 day, and by allowing paginated log searching over a date range that doesn't time out, then it would be a 5 star app.

We'll probably look to evaluate alternatives since not being able to search logs is a critical failure.

The Microbrand Store
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Questão respondida por Oriontec 5 de maio de 2020


We’re deeply sorry if the app didn’t include the features you expected.

We have emailed you to see how we can help improve your experience with our app.

The Oriontec team

28 de agosto de 2018

It doesn't matter if you block a city, state, or country, traffic still gets through easily. app does not work as advertised and is certainly not worth the cost.

The Deal Nut
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Editado a 19 de maio de 2020

Be very careful ! This app caused all our Google Ads to become Disapproved due to Destination Mismatch - Final URL didn't match. I do believe the app redirected traffic per our rules within the app, so 5 Stars for that!

CORE Medical Equipment
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