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8. Mai 2024

The app saved us on the translation work!!

Sakura NZ
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
5. Juni 2024

good translation with some error but 99% is translated correctly

BJ Emporio
5 tage mit der App
12. Juni 2024

it is a learning experience.

10 tage mit der App
12. Februar 2024

it is helping me in a great way, I just wish if they increase the auto translating limit from 2 to5

Vereinigtes Königreich
6 monate mit der App
12. Februar 2024

Super handy app only I cannot find an option to retranslate updated pages (cannot find the homepage when I look through the pages that are translated) or a help chat with the app developers). Would be super helpful to get an answer on here as I have stopped running a discount weeks ago and it is still showing on my homepage in other languages.

365 DRY
7 monate mit der App
Shopify hat geantwortet 14. Februar 2024

We have reached out to chat!

23. Februar 2024

It is easy to use. It could just be a bit more practical, maybe allowing more copy/paste options at the same time or granting the possibility to clone some information instead of keeping writing the same stuff down.

Di Biase hair
3 monate mit der App
9. März 2024

Seems to work really well. Started using this one as others failed to satisfy. We may have to use something else though as Shopify doesn't seem to be too bothered about letting us auto-translate more languages. After one year of it being launched, we are still limited to just two languages. Also doesn't seem to show any country flag in the drop-down selection. Disappointing.

Vereinigtes Königreich
7 tage mit der App
5. Juni 2024

Ótima ferramenta. De muito fácil uso

Glimpse of Tales
5 monate mit der App
29. März 2024

very happy with their service.

Sleek Fashion
30 tage mit der App
6. Juni 2024

Very useful!
Etwa 2 monate mit der App