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14 januari 2024

Works great! We utilized it to translate our content into French and Spanish for over 8000 products, all at no cost. However, since we've reached 100 million characters, we'll now need to manage the work through a CSV for future translations. We're eagerly awaiting the Shopify team to introduce a paid plan, allowing us to unlock the full potential of this app.

Sparq Mart
Verenigde Staten
3 maanden gebruiken de app
25 januari 2024

Life saver. It can be a little bit complicated to find the phrase that you want to translate but still.

Turku Kārums
12 maanden gebruiken de app
11 december 2023

Super app! Easy to use. Only have one question, how can i "retranslate" already translated text? I frequently update my product descriptions, and it would be nice if the translation is also up to date.

Stoney Bracelets
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 12 december 2023

Thanks for trying out the app and the review! Today, to re-translate, clear the relevant field in the app, save so it's blank, and then auto-translate again. But that should get easier early next year

Bewerkt 24 januari 2024

Had some issues, but finally got it resolved with some help from the time. Otherwise the app works very well.

Kimono Koi
7 maanden gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 22 januari 2024

Hello, you'll get an email from the store localization product team. This was not a Translate & Adapt issue, but can see from reading the support exchange why you left this review. We'll clear this up for you.

5 januari 2024

It's a great app, especially given that it is free. Translations aren't always perfect, particularly in specialised stores like mine. Would love it if it were just slightly more user-friendly, especially for novices like myself!

Zafiro Equestrian
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
4 februari 2024

Our marketing agency recommended this. If they didn't, we would never have known it existed.

We have 2 major markets, UK and USA markets. With this app we can localise and adapt our base English content for each market.

So American slang, imperial measurements and USA delivery offers for the USA market. And British slang, metric measurements and UK delivery offers for the UK market. All adapted VERY easily with a VERY simple and intuitive app. We didn't even read the instructions.

We think it's a game changer. I wish we knew about this app when we launched in 2022. With nuanced content written specifically for our 2 major markets, we're expecting a nice CR and AOV boost.

Shopify: You need to market your free apps better. Our success is your success after all.

Just Tall
Verenigd Koninkrijk
6 dagen gebruiken de app
12 januari 2024

For a free App, i can really give it a 5 start simple to use, really helps to have your website online store in couple of language to have more options for custumors to review your store!

19 dagen gebruiken de app
15 december 2023

Hello. I'm using the app well. But is there any option to change the translated font to another font?

Sydney Duty Free
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 16 december 2023

Thank you for using the app! Translate & Adapt deals only with the content of your store. If you want to change font you'll find this functionality in your Online Store Editor. Some English fonts don't have great support for other languages so the choice you make in your English font impacts the other languages. In the future they might add a setting where you can select a different font for different languages but this isn't available as of now.

Bewerkt 29 januari 2024

It seems to use google translate which created odd translations. I am selling clothes and it would consistently change "flat" to "apartment" in other languages. Obviously that is not what I meant. So it works but still needs a lot of double checking.
Sadly you can primarily choose to translate everything, which , when I tested it, changed all my manual adjustments. The support team tried to help in this matter, and confirmed that this is not the usual, but I did have issues with needing to retranslate things.
However a fix around was deleting fields to a blank in the translation and that no longer got translated. But it was not the greatest solution for me.

Since the google translation didnt work great for me, i ended up making a lot manual and after a while gave up. I am sure if you have easier content, easier understandable for google, it might be useful. Also the support is great proactive in trying to help.

Add-on: because of those difficulties, I disabled now the translate app. But now the entire page reflects in that weird translated german even though my default language is English! I reached out to the support and they explained that when you use any translation app, that your translation gets saved in your shopify store. So my only fix was talking to shopify who helped me to take it down again (however, this took 2 days until it was fixed. Not great when the language is so wrong translated)

3 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 17 november 2023

I had my concerns in the beginning as there were some issues, but the team around Shopify shows again, that these guys are taking care about their customers. They contacted me and made a video to show what needs to be changed and why. What more can you expect? Top platform due to top people!

LOMA Forged™
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
5 maanden gebruiken de app