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6 mei 2023

Looks great but no email ou whatsapp to reach the customer service... I I want to ask if the translated pages are referenced in Google ?

Glórias, especialista em documentos autógrafos raros
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 15 mei 2023

Hi there - you can contact us through support on the app's home page, but yes I can confirm that translated pages are indexed by Google. Thanks!

5 mei 2023

A decent app but rather complex to use and long loading times. However, lately the saving process hangs a lot and you are forced to reload the page and rewrite the translations. Really frustrating.

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Bewerkt 2 mei 2023

Your App is good but changes needs to be done in structure like when we are on other than first page and make changes and then save it, dashboard direct us to first page
Edit: Thank You for solving an issue, it saved me lot of time while adding translation myself

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27 april 2023

The auto translate feature is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, however it has a hard cap on just 2 languages which doesn't make much sense to me. I was hoping to offer a few languages for my EU customers. I don't understand why there is such a limit in place to only support two languages, I would gladly pay like $10 to translate the rest of my site to add German and French support... it feels pretty unfair to only offer Spanish and Italian in my opinion, not a good look for my store.

Gilded Lion Miniatures
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25 april 2023

Hi. App works and works well - it's good news! But i wanna offer some feature: add translate to image's ALT. I can't find it even with export ALL app data.

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23 april 2023

I have an issue as it appears that the app Translate & Adapt does not translate the filter in a collections page. I would like to be sure that there is no other possible option solving this problem before changing the translation app. Can anybody help by suggesting any possible resolution?

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 4 uur
20 april 2023

This app is great, but the only issue i have come across is that if i select a different language the app changes the product template i made. Is there a way to set this right?

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Bewerkt 13 april 2023

Shopify support can be amusing. Every once in a while, you will come across a gem of a support person. This time was not the case. First, Rona passed the buck by asking me to go through a verification process. Understand that to open a ticket, you have to verify yourself. Only then can you open a ticket. But that wasn't enough. So, Rona emailed me to request a chat and verify myself. Asked me to give the support person a ticket number. So, I went through the process and gave Alex the ticket number. Without reading the case notes, Alex wants to know if I followed the steps in the email sent by Rona! What?!
So, I copied and pasted Rona's email and pointed out that the instructions were to open a chat request and (re)verify myself, which is what I was doing. The next 30 minutes were amusing and painful as Alex couldn't follow simple requests to visit the URL of the website I provided to see the errors for himself. Instead, he repeatedly asked me to send him screenshots by uploading them via the File/Content. Instead of seeing the errors for himself live, he repeatedly asked me to upload screenshots.
Then, when it seemed that it couldn't get any more bizarre, it did. Alex sent me a screenshot of what he saw on my website. At the bottom of the screenshot was a button I asked him to click on, and he could not find it! So, I asked him what he saw on the bottom of the screen, if he saw a coral-colored button, and if he could please click it. He finally found the button (resembling the screenshot HE had sent) and clicked it. Then, it walked him through step by step to point out the error. Wow.
Finally, I suggested to him that it was beyond him or Rona to be able to help and if he could PLEASE escalate the issue as the development team probably needed to look into it.
The app doesn't translate the titles of products consistently. It skips translating some titles but does translate the description. Of course, it is a free app, so I guess we shouldn't expect much...
The above interaction was on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. Still no update.
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 13 april 2023

Sorry you had a bad support experience here, I read the notes. This is the product team: on the issue of not translating / inconsistently translating product titles, looking in your store/app for the products that are English where you want to be Spanish: not sure of your workflow but it's because you have English text saved in the Spanish title box. For example I deleted the English and auto-translated Reflx Lab 400 Daylight (400d) Color C41 35mm 36 Exp Film and you'll see it's now in Spanish. Is it possible that you duplicated products, and then edited from there? As that copies the translations over and considers them manually edited, so locks them off to auto-translation unless you delete content, save, and then re-translate. But yes it appears that the reason they're showing in English is because English is saved where Spanish should be; though I'm not clear how that's happened. We're available on if you want to talk through.

12 april 2023

It is good app but how can we enable language switcher? If it is done manually through the code it is okey too.
Can anyone help please?

App gebruikt gedurende 4 maanden
Shopify heeft geantwoord 12 april 2023

Thanks for taking the time to try out and review the app. Language switchers are usually in your theme. Try Online Store > Themes > Customize and often it's in the footer - it is for Shopify themes like Dawn.

7 april 2023

Working well so far, and has allowed us to translate to 2 more languages and we are now running campaigns and driving sales from these new languages. I just would like to know how we can add more than 2 languages. If it is paid for then that is fine... just currently the only option is to do this manually.

I really hope they push more popular apps to integrate with this app too. Shopify Inbox would be nice too. All shopify apps should be able to work effortlessly with one another.

Outshine Gaming
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