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9 oktober 2022


Sakatsu Global
App gebruikt gedurende 16 dagen
6 oktober 2022

It's great but 2 languages is definitely not enough so I had to remove the app. When will the paid plan be available for more automatic languages?

Free Spirit Shop
App gebruikt gedurende 4 dagen
5 oktober 2022

Can't add both Traditional & Simplified Chinese to the site, and only allow choosing one of it, that's not make any sense... do u know in Asia Pacific trilingual that included English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese are quite common. I'm so disappointed T_T...

Hongkong SAR van China
App gebruikt gedurende 2 dagen
Shopify heeft geantwoord 6 oktober 2022

Hi there, these are fair critiques. Whilst this situation isn't caused by the app directly, a Shopify level solve will be required. The reason for it happening is the clash with the markets subfolder format:{language ISO code}-{country ISO code}/ but we are looking at a solution - accelerated by your feedback, so thank you. Note that it is unique to having both forms of Chinese on one market, but your use case totally makes sense. We'll be in touch once we have something to test.

5 oktober 2022

The best translation app we used so far - makes life much easier. It would be really nice if it was able to translate internal links also, so it links to the page of the same language.

App gebruikt gedurende 4 dagen
Shopify heeft geantwoord 5 oktober 2022

Thanks so much for trying out the app and the feedback! For internal links, these can be done so that the locale is retained. Use the format, for example, /collections/all (i.e. start with the backslash, then the subdirectory, no domain) and it should keep the language.

4 oktober 2022

Great functionality and easy to use. I had hard coded extra headings into the theme code and it was a simple process of rather adding these to the locale file and then they became available within the app for easy translation.

Champion Power Equipment EU
Verenigd Koninkrijk
App gebruikt gedurende 8 dagen
Bewerkt 5 oktober 2022

テーマのバックアップを取っていたので、元の環境に戻し、事なきを得ましたが、再インストールした旧翻訳ソフトが値上がりしており、サブスクリクションの費用が、これまでよりも高くなってしまいました。 (後日更新情報)

App gebruikt gedurende 11 dagen
Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 oktober 2022

Hi there - sorry to hear about this experience, it shouldn't be the case that your colour swatches are affected. Please email and we'll see if we can troubleshoot.

3 oktober 2022

Přehledná aplikace jednoduchá na ovládání. Bez omezení počtu slov či produktů. Pracuje i v bezplatné verzi rychleji a spolehlivěji než mnohé placené doplňky. S aplikací jsem velmi spokojena.
App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
2 oktober 2022

Finalmente la soluzione per i siti in multilingua NATIVA Shopify, facile e intuitiva, manca ancora la possibilità di tradurre pagina login ma probabilmente arriverà.

App gebruikt gedurende 10 dagen
2 oktober 2022

Merci Shopify pour la gratuité de cette Application qui permet de traduire de façon plus approfondie et contrôlée, toutes les informations importantes d'une boutique, je recommande absolument.

App gebruikt gedurende 5 dagen
2 oktober 2022

Een mooie en handige oplossing voor de multi-taal functionaliteiten in shopify. Met de 2 gratis extra talen voldoende voor de meeste behoeften.

App gebruikt gedurende 10 dagen