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31 januari 2023

Very easy to use and working great for a free app. I cannot give it 5 stars though because once a translation is done, if you modify that page, blog, product description, collection title etc...the translations do not update automatically, you have to manually do everything, which is a pain, if you run a store with hundreds of products. I wish this can improve. Plus more than two languages

Break Time
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Bewerkt 28 oktober 2022

Updated review. We are happy so far. Service was great and comprehensive. App still a bit basic and things are not automated so you have to manually translate every change you do to the main language. Also no bulk translation for a term across all site as well as other teething UI issues but I’m sure they will sort them out with time. So we can warmly recommend especially since it is a free solution at this point. Will gladly add another star as the app evolves. Keep up the good work. This was so needed.

Manipura Malas
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2022

Hi there, we'll get this sorted for you. I'm looking at support queries now and will respond in the next hour. All the best, Rich

Bewerkt 23 september 2023

I'm changing my initial review of the app from 3 to 4 stars. Even though it still has some annoying issues, by having my entire strore translated to 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), I've been able to sell to all kinds of market that we didn't reach before.

My main issue right now is that the app only supports 3 languages. I think it's critical that Shopify allows many more lanuages. I can't wait until I can translate to Italia, French, German and sell paintings in all those markets.

This app has in my opinion great business value.

The app is fair, not excellent. Duplicate products should not preserve the original translation. In some cases when translating certain fields the case is not maintained. When editing an existing translation from scratch, sometimes the descritption does not translate again. There should be a button to translate from scratch when reviewing a product. Aside from that, the translations are pretty decent, not sure if it will be upgraded to fix the bugs to reduce time from the shooper. Oil Paintings Shop:

Verenigd Koninkrijk
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7 april 2023

Working well so far, and has allowed us to translate to 2 more languages and we are now running campaigns and driving sales from these new languages. I just would like to know how we can add more than 2 languages. If it is paid for then that is fine... just currently the only option is to do this manually.

I really hope they push more popular apps to integrate with this app too. Shopify Inbox would be nice too. All shopify apps should be able to work effortlessly with one another.

Outshine Gaming
Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Bewerkt 2 mei 2023

Your App is good but changes needs to be done in structure like when we are on other than first page and make changes and then save it, dashboard direct us to first page
Edit: Thank You for solving an issue, it saved me lot of time while adding translation myself

Verenigde Staten
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10 juni 2023

Very easy to translate all of your product descriptions and pages into other languages and allows front end control for visitors.

Also offers automatic translation of most of the default screens and emails, so that's very helpful. Has many languages available.

Desired features (developer suggestions):

1. I wish you could also translate the image alt text to have variations of the alt text for international SEO. It may be possible manually with coding work, but it would be great fit he app had this available in a no-code format.

2. Would be great to have a warning or notifications that can be marked as dismissed or completed, to show if you've missed translating an item that can be translated with the app. There are so many things to translate that sometimes things get overlooked.

Pika Gang
4 dagen gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 10 juli 2023

Thanks for the review and the suggestions, they're greatly appreciated and under consideration. From the Translate & Adapt team

Bewerkt 13 januari 2023

PRO's: Really easy to use. Needs more than 2 langages!

CON's: Buggy, once you reach your max of 2 languages it does not allow you to change the languages - shows an error that says that the limit is reached even if you delete a language. Support promised to come back shortly but nothing has been heard since. This is not a critique on support but rather an indication that the problem might be more severe.

UPDATE: the problem is resolved, the support and the team went Above and Beyond to solve the issue!

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 10 januari 2023

Hi there - we'll be in touch and get this sorted for you

22 juli 2023

I'm satisfied with this app for the most part. Yes, I have to manually go in and update quite often when new products or collections are added (I've had to do this on paid apps as well to be fair), but the app is otherwise fairly seamless.

However, it does not translate my Collections List, which is a format offered in my theme (Impulse) and which I use in my navigation bar. It makes no sense not to be able to translate this one page - it simply cannot be found in the app.

Babarolo Weinhandel GmbH
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Bewerkt 6 juni 2023

Free but incomplete translation app. Several fields are not accessible. For example, it is not possible to translate the name of the delivery options. I contacted support but they couldn't do anything to change the app or help me change the old delivery translations still there. So I'm considering going back to my old translation app.
Thank you for letting me know that it is possible to import delivery option translations via CSV. Your tech support colleagues never informed me of this possibility. Why don't you just add this field directly in the app?

Miss Lala
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 2 juni 2023

Hi there, thanks for trying the app and the review. Delivery Methods are translatable via the CSV - head to Settings > Languages, export the CSV and you'll find delivery methods under DELIVERY_METHOD_DEFINITION in column A.

6 januari 2023

Nice App, does what it needs to do. Integrates nicely into the Shopify admin.

One point that needs improvement: If I save my changes in a paginated list, it resets the list to the first page. Because of this, I have to do a lot of unnecessary extra clicks.

9c Climbing
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