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7. helmikuu 2023

I placed a test order, in the back office assigned 2 tracking numbers. The tracking shows shipped from China and delivered in California warehouse. Now waiting on the USPS carrier to get the sample order and ship to my address directly.

Reached out twice through live chat to explain their process further, and they advised shipping is 5 to 10 business days. This means my customers are not going to be pleased with their slow shipping.

There needs to be clearer shipping policies and no false advertising. They advertise shipping from the US, and with only a 7-day return policy. Is that return from purchase date, if so customers will not being able to return items once they receive.

Went to Google & Pinterest for marketing, they denied my store because of Trendsi and their policies. It is a big headache that needs to be improved.

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8. marraskuu 2022

Trendsi has some really nice products available for dropshipping. However, the company operates more like a dropshipping business for a dropshipping business. First, the issue is with low and out-of-stock items. I've literally added products and between 15mins - 3 hours, the product is out-of-stock. This issue seems to be a chronic issue. So far has proven to be bad for my business because I've spent time creating content to market the products. To top things off - Trendsi insists they will send a notification when the product may be back restocked. The question is when will the notification be sent about the restocking of these products? - I think notification 24-78 hours about restocking should be implemented.
- Out-of-Stock product indicates that they are the best-selling products. So why not worry about out-of-stock and products that look more like those products? Second is the nuisance of the time-consuming nature of creating a collection to bulk add to the store. For instance, you can create a collection by bulk-adding products from one specific page at a time using add to collection button. However, the issue is that what about the products on a specific page that you do not intend to sell? There's no option to bulk delete which makes it time-consuming because you have to delete or add products one by one to or from the collection. - Needs to add a multi-select option. Thirdly, Shipping Times are too Long. How it was explained to me is that the processing time and shipping time are mashed into one. Let me say this 1-3 day processing is supposed to be included in the 5-10 shipping days. I've done an order test run for the 5-10 days shipping, which came 3 weeks after ordering. The average processing time in America is 1-3 business days the average shipping time is 5-7 days in America. While there are people who may wait for an order just remember those who believe in chargebacks because the shipment takes forever. - Needs a set guarantee processing time and Shipping Time. Lastly, There are no options for faster shipping for oversea products which is the most demanded products. My guess is that most items come from China which is created on-demand then shipped.

Harajuku Cliché
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Muokattu 21. kesäkuu 2022

Hey, We just added this channel, but we are beginning to notice the pricing rule does not work only the recommended price still appears. And the prices suggested are in USD and we cannot increase them to make-up for the exchange rate. (We sell in CAD). Please fix

Bennys Beauty World
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1. joulukuu 2021

watched the app for about a week to see if inventory is consistent before importing any products. Inventory was there the entire week for the products that i was interested in importing. Imported some products and maybe 3 hours later they are out of stock. Be Careful as i made ads for these products only to drive customers to my store for a product that was out of stock

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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 3. joulukuu 2021

Hello Trendlocker,

Every feedback matters and thank you for your transparent review. We set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re so sorry to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.

Our inventory is constantly replenished, especially the newer in-season products to fit every business owner's needs but we're taking the opportunity to investigate to get to the bottom of your experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out again, we'd love to hear more from you!

20. marraskuu 2021

Nice pictures and products but this app is a waste of time. The majority of products have less than 50 inventory and they will run out of stock in less than a week so you will have to replace the product with something else. It's time consuming. I'm still filling my store and already have their products going out of stock. Not even the time to fill my store. Now I will have waste my time to replace these products again.

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ShopSocial, Inc. vastasi 22. marraskuu 2021

Hi Keieva,

This is Sherwin, co-founder of Trendsi. Thank you so much for your review and your feedback matters a lot to us. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this low-stock issue has caused you, and we are currently working on improving this experience for you. Given that we are constantly restocking products, products that are out of stock may be back in stock. Therefore you can leave the products in your store and the inventory will be updated as soon as we restock.

We will allow you to request restock for products that have low in inventory and you could see the status of the restock in the future. Furthermore, we are increasing the depth of our inventory for the next few months and you can see it reflected in inventory level soon. Last but not least, we highly encourage you to use the inventory filter on the home page and also to check the inventory level in product detail before you add products to your Shopify store.

Thanks again for your time and patience.