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I had a extremely complicated issue where my Shopify store disconnected from the Trendsi app. All of my past and pending orders disappeared. No one can resolve this issue and the only solution is to keep manually inputting orders which isn't feasible. Every time a customer place a order I have to pause my store as the orders are not syncing with trendsi. This has been a months ling issue.

Mon Cheri Fashions
ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2022年4月12日

Hi, Mon Cheri Fashions

Thank you so much for your kind words and we are so glad to have you! We'll make sure to pass along the compliments to Gretle and we encourage you to reach out to our amazing and 24/7 customer support for any questions.


Im Very Very Very Very sad with this app, They don't help us at all they don't process the orders during the weekend because they dont work and delayed my orders my customers asked me for the tracking number and they take a long time to ship and they don't make any effort for us dropshippers can earn a little more. I was very annoyed with them, I prefer DSERS a thousand times definitely I will delete it .

world beauty and gold jewelry
ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2022年3月29日

Hi world beauty and gold jewelry,

We are sorry to hear of your experience! Our US orders are usually processed, shipped, and delivered to your customer within 2-5 business days. Upon checking on your orders, it looks like the processing time was a little longer than normal. But we should still be able to deliver the orders within the guaranteed delivery time of 2-5 business days. We will take a closer look at what happened and follow up with you via email. Thanks for you time!


Normally I would give you a 5 star rating. Your customer service team is normally spot on BUT...Lorie was a bit rude this morning . Since we communicate thru messaging it might help if she read her words prior to hitting her send button. I felt that she was a bit abrupt with me this morning. I needed to check on a replacement item for a customer of mine - I was nice and polite. She left me feeling like I was doing something wrong. I was not - I was just providing customer service for my own customer. Thank you for listening.

Purely Pinktabulous Boutique
ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2022年3月24日

Hi, Purely Pinktabulous Boutique

Thanks so much for your review! We always want to offer the best services, and we are glad we could help you so far. Feel free to reach out whenever you need any help.


I would not recommend this app; I had several issues with customers because of slow processing times. Also, the product costs are relatively high which leaves you with a very little profit margin

ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2022年1月24日

Hi yongmichelle,

Trendsi's priority is to always provide quality products with competitive pricing and our shipping estimations are accurate as long as there are no known delays. (Currently, we are experiencing some due to Lunar New Year and COVID restrictions on our overseas products). Based on your feedback, we would love to know more details. A member of our team will be in contact via email shortly. Thank you for your time!


Price doesn't import in anything but USD - be aware... which led me to the next problem. There's no way to push pricing rules throughout your store to already added products. That means if you want to change hundreds of products you'll need to do them manually. 1 star for ease of importing products, but the fundamentals of dropshipping are to automate products imports and pricing and concentrate on adding more + advertising them, not to spend hours with currency conversion rates and editing prices one at a time.

Tokyo Takeaway
ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2022年1月20日

Hi Tokyo Takeaway,

This is Sherwin, co-founder of Trendsi. We really appreciate your feedback and this is what helps us grow. We are sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced. At the moment Trendsi primarily serves sellers who are selling in the US but there are workarounds for international sellers as well.

We will follow up with you via email and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Thanks again for your time and patience.


Warning! Horrible I have had so many bad reviews on my page now because they say they fill the order and then cancel it on me without telling me or never send out the order. So people think I am scamming them. I talk to customer service but it doesn't help. I hate writing bad reviews but I am at my witts end. This is so unprofessional.

ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2022年1月17日

Hi LucyBo,

We are very sorry to hear of your experience and hope that you are satisfied with the resolution we provided. This is definitely not the great customer service and order experience that we pride ourselves on. Your business is important to us, so please continue to reach out to Customer Support with any other feedback or questions you may have.


I was happy with this app until I received 1 order, it's been 5 days and they haven't sent it yet, my customer is very angry asking for a tracking number which I still don't have, It's like buying from Aliexpress. Also they have a lot of products out of stock, I imported 600 products to my store with variants. When I open any random product a lot of sizes and colors are always out of stock, very annoying, for a customer will be like hunting for a product that is in stock.
ShopSocial, Inc.が返信しました 2021年10月22日


We are so sorry to hear this and this is definitely not the normal experience of our orders and services. We will investigate on your order and give you an update via email. Thank you for your feedback and please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Trendsi Support for assistance.