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26 november 2023

Well made app. Very happy with it. For anyone with a digital business this also works very well, especially when you have much more flexibility to test pricing depending on the customer groups you are testing.

Greener Life Guides
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18 dagen gebruiken de app
13 november 2023

The best A/B testing app out there. So many are overpriced and do the same thing. Took a few minutes to set up and runs on a lot of different pages and products at the same time.
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2 maanden gebruiken de app
15 oktober 2023

App is great and intuitive. Very generous free plan.

Took me only a few minutes to set up the tests I needed and their dev support has been fantastic, I can tell the founders are passionate about their product.
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27 dagen gebruiken de app
20 maart 2024

Great support from a dev team that cares about improving their product. I got their help on my weird theme and they spent a while helping me with the setup and and some follow-up calls to walk through how I could look at the data.

Brown Stone
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21 februari 2024

Quick and easy way to AB test. Great support as well.

Feels like such a good deal - it does as much as the other apps that charge 10x more (literally)

My Tee Trends
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23 augustus 2023

The free version of this app is very generous already and the paid version is a great deal for such a useful product. Jeremy and his team are excellent and always listen to customers' feedback regarding their product and are constantly adding new features. Greatly recommend the app.

Pet Sanctum
7 maanden gebruiken de app
28 maart 2024

Lightweight, simply to use, and exactly what we needed. Dev team is very quick and responsive in my requests and did it extremely well.

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6 januari 2024

Very helpful customer service

Wag Well
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42 minuten gebruiken de app
15 juli 2023

live chat was helpful and very responsive. We'll see in a couple hours if their suggestion fixes my issue but they were eager to help. Good experience overall

Find Urban
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
30 september 2023

Great app thanks for all

6 maanden gebruiken de app