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7 febbraio 2024

has so many complicated cool features but missing so many basics such as: does not pull the shipping costs from Shopify while apps with 3x times cheaper easily does this.
has 100500 useless integration but no integration with Shopify shipping, Gateway fees etc.
2. can't even see sales or net profit per brand in the store .
and many others

I told them about shipping pull-up a year ago, nothing!
told them today, they recommend me to upload CSV with shipping prices or count average using CALC ,annually! for 300$ + per months LOOL

we have $4.5 shipping , and 100$ shipping and this app does not differentiate it. so you need to guess your average cost per shipping etc. so

support slow as F, implemented 100x useless features, but still not have all the basics that 30$ p/m app has but they does not. I do not know where they looking. and I can't imaging why this cost a thousands of dollars per year and I still need to use calc to count (2+2)/2 average shipping cost on monthly basis. unbelievable

I am tired to write to their useless support, who not even read your question and need 30-40 min describe simplest thing. they only know how to send links to manual and telling me that they do not have this feature. and added it to the future feature list - but this will NEVER happen. I am the user of this a 1 year +

F.O.X Nails USA
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4 gennaio 2024

Not compatible with Shopify Product Bundle App. Having big issues. All my bundles disappeared.

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Data modifica: 12 settembre 2023

Our Triple Whale experience has been expensive and terrible.
Now we finally had someone contact us, they did not reverse the $400 charge and they have been now charging $279 per month and we just wanted to go to the FREE level. They just keep taking money and taking money and not helping us at all. They owe us several months of refunds at this point, it's ridiculous. This is exactly what happens every time an app gets exposure and tries to grow, they start focusing only on new business and leave existing customers hanging while taking their money and ignoring them. Really sucks. We had no choice but to cancel the entire account because you can't self-serve your way into a free account. So even if we signed back up on the free service we'd have to reconnect everything.

Not sure why this says FREE. Vanessa overcharged us and we've been emailing for several weeks, totally being ignored. We were falsely told we'd get a rate change, that was a lie, now they've gone completely dark. But they keep sending spammy marketing emails. I do not at all recommend this app. If you do use them, know that Vanessa and Maggie are probably not telling you the truth.

Sleep First
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28 novembre 2023

great app, 0 support

Serene Plunge
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1 settembre 2023

The free plan is a scam just to get you to upgrade to the expensive paid plan. Nothing is free and not exactly sure what they do with your data.

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