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16 novembre 2021

I wanted to add a cross sell to my website and I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was with this app. I'm thrilled! Customer service is excellent too, super quick response time, very friendly and helpful. 5 stars from me!

Beach Art Glass
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8 settembre 2020

looks good, responsive layout, ideal for mobile shoppers. Super easy to install. A little slow to load but similar to other apps. Still on trial but can see us holding on to this one.

Love Lottie xoxo
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2 febbraio 2021

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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
7 settembre 2020

C'est beau, c'est propre, le support est top, facile à config, c'est fluide chez fluide.
J'ai test pas mal d'app d'upsell et c'est bien la meilleure !

7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
25 agosto 2020

Great app so far. Best out of the 3 i've tested. Customer service is excellent. Definitely recommend it.

Doggy Pool
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shipway ha risposto 25 agosto 2020

Thank you for the review. We're happy to be your #1 choice. We'll work hard not to move on your ladder 💥

30 aprile 2021

Great app with outstanding customer service. highly recommend them this app for all your shopify stores.

Freedom 83
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
13 ottobre 2020

This is by far the best upsell app on the shopify app store. And I've tried all of them. The popup looks great. And it does its job perfectly.

6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
7 settembre 2020

C'est exactement l'application qui vous faut si vous voulez faire plus de chiffre d'affaire croyez moi, l'application est parfaite et elle il y a constamment de nouvelles mise à jour, sans compter un support très réactif à tout moment, qui partage de la valeur, et de très bon conseils!

6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
16 settembre 2020

Au delà d'une superbe app upsell, facile à configurer, et esthétiquement cool, je tiens à souligner le super boulot de l'équipe support, notamment Charles qui a été très réactif à mes demandes. J'approuve à 100% et l'app est installé sur plusieurs de mes shops ! Romain

6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
25 novembre 2022

This app is basically free money if you have a multi-product store. I have one client that did an extra $400k in revenue in 12 months just off of this app. The store did about $4.5 Million overall so it accounted for about 10% of total revenue. Well worth the money. Only downside is that i wish it had a way to see which products are being purchased through the app dashboard. I may be missing something but there is no simple way in the app dashboard to track which items are sold. All you get to see is the number of orders, the conversion rate and the total revenue. Either way, for the price its a no-brainer, and i add it to every store i use. Takes just a few minutes to set up and no code is necessary. Jon - @the.shopify.guy

Divine Secrets xoxo
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