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7 dicembre 2023

Trunk has provided a simple, effective solution to an inventory road block that was holding me back from expanding my small ceramics business to multiple platforms. Even with limited, often one of a kind inventory I am able to sell my products on multiple sales channels without worrying about over selling or needing double or triple the inventory. Trunk works perfectly 99% of the time, and if there is an issue they are amazingly quick to solve it. I can’t recommend Trunk highly enough!

Everyday Earthe Pottery Co.
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26 gennaio 2024

I am a long time etsy seller who finally branched out to open my own shopify store. I heard about Trunk through some forum posts and knew I would need the inventory management service; many of the items I handmake are one of a kind. I had some trouble in the beginning with variations not lining up and was ready to throw in the towel. However, the staff at Trunk was super patient and even let me have another free trial to make sure the service would work for me! I just officially signed up for a paid plan and I know it will be well worth the money.

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4 febbraio 2024

Trunk has made it possible to automate and include Etsy into my business. It's addressed the huge headache I was having with my stock system.

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23 gennaio 2024

Trunk was a lifesaver for us! After we created our product add on kits we realized that we had multiple SKUs that we needed to keep track of in our inventory. With Trunk it was so simple! Now when we add more sales channels we will already be set up! Highly Recommend

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31 dicembre 2023

At last! A simple, effective multichannel inventory syncing services that also does kitting & bundling without charging crazy prices or trying to also do shipping. Plays nicely alongside the usual shipping solutions and is the perfect solution for anyone taking that first step from a marketplace like Etsy into selling the same products on their own website. Looks like it will scale well to multiple channels and high SKU counts.

Notes & Clips
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18 gennaio 2024

We had issues syncing 2 products with the same SKU in Shopify. This solved the problem in a heartbeat, could not have been easier. Joy to use.

Mustard Made US
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19 dicembre 2023

Absolutely amazing!! Unlike similar sites, Trunk is affordable and a lifesaver for a small business selling on several sites, such as Amazon and Etsy. To be able to enter inventory on just Trunk, and this site automatically minuses when an item is purchased, saves me time, and worries about making sure my numbers match. Thank you for being here, Trunk; you're a lifesaver!

Crazy Goat Soaps
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15 dicembre 2023

Trunk has streamlined my inventory management process, I would highly recommend this app to every business!

Carved Culture
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14 ottobre 2023

I run 3 online shops (Shopify, Etsy and EBay) and managing inventory between them was taking up valuable time every day. I have a lot of unique, hand-made items too (I hand-paint artwork in bleach onto clothing) so double selling isn’t an option for me. This was quick and easy to set up, works perfectly in the background and leaves you with more time to do proper work! Customer service has been excellent, pretty sure they’re adding extra functions I’d like in future too. Worth the price and recommended.

Bare Canvas
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30 ottobre 2023

OMG Etsy, woocomerce and Shopify !Im very excited,I don't know if I can name any applications here, but if it can help other people I do! I've been split my inventories on Etsy and Woocomerce for 3 years, because no application works. I tested Square, Nembol, Litcomerce, Cedcomerce, none of them worked, but I'm like any other company. I have a sku and variations. When I saw the name Trunk, I was on Square in my account trying to fix my inventory yet again. I read it and said to myself ok Julie try it! I connected my 2 stores together and BANG! Everything works, it's amazing. After so many years of searching I found you. Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot!

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