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Updating my original review: the stock syncing has completely stopped functioning. We use Truck to sync our Shopify inventory with Etsy and it has gone haywire with no solution soon from Trunk. It's been several days since the issue was reported and they have yet to provide an update on when there will be a solution to this problem.

Must Be Monogrammed
Trunkが返信しました 2023年12月7日

Sorry that you're having issues, unfortunately it looks like it's an issue on Etsy's end with those specific listings. We've reached out to them to figure out a solution and hope to get a resolution soon, thanks for your patience.


When I first installed this app, it seemed to work great and it would be perfect for what we needed. Is it too good to be true? Then the problems came. I updated inventory on a product and then it would revert to restocked. I thought maybe I did something wrong so I fixed it. I then added stock for a different product and a customer asked me if it had sold out. It had not (had they not asked I would not have known this was happening!). So I look and all the items that I had updated with new inventory were not synced up. The problems first came to my attention on a Wednesday when I thought I had did something wrong. Who knows how long it actually started before that. I contacted Trunk Thursday and again Friday. They got back to me Friday evening saying that there was something wrong on Etsy's end. Except how could that be because Shopify was also coming in incorrect. I had provided screenshots. Either way, there seems to be no urgency. The entire weekend we're losing sales because items are showing out of stock and then we are receiving orders for items that are out of stock and I have to cancel orders. In all, we have 5 days (that I know of) where this app is not working properly. What a nightmare. I LOVE the idea of the app if it worked the way it was suppose to. I am disappointed that an issue that starts on a Wednesday is not even resolved by Sunday (and is still unresolved as I write this). For this reason, I can not confidently recommend this app.

Everly Made
Trunkが返信しました 2023年4月24日

We're really sorry about the issues you were having – we should've also done better on the communication front. We pushed a few fixes already that's addressed some of the problems you were seeing and so far it seems like things should now be back in working order. Please let us know how it's going now as we've been following up on this via email, thanks.