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20. joulukuu 2023

i thought you would help me find customers

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TxtCart vastasi 21. joulukuu 2023


A bit confused at why this was left. This store installed 1 day ago, never reached out to support and randomly leave's a 1-star review regarding customer acquisiton.

We are an SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery platform. If you have questions on what we do, we'd be happy to answer them and work with you.

TxtCart Team

Muokattu 17. marraskuu 2023

The app is not yet ready for UK market so cannot complete the set up or use. The expected launch date for UK keeps getting pushed back each month so all very frustrating and a total waste of time. Received an interesting email about our review too - but I'll leave shopify to deal with that......

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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TxtCart vastasi 17. marraskuu 2023

We appreciate your feedback and regret to hear about the challenges you've faced with our app. I assure you that we take such matters seriously, and I would like to address your concerns promptly.

Regarding the UK operations this feature is now LIVE as of 11/25.

Pertaining to your two charges, as promised, we had delivered you full refunds of both amounts no questions asked. It is a shame that you resort to defamation and spreading lies about how a business conducts itself and we will be further investigating this matter.

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our operations, and we would appreciate the same from you.

If you have any additional details or specific information that could assist us in resolving your case efficiently, please do not hesitate to share them.

19. lokakuu 2023

Not for me. I was charged $34, never even made a sale. Im sure its great for websites that has more traffic, but if you are just starting out and building your clientele, there are way more beginner friendly apps out there.

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TxtCart vastasi 21. lokakuu 2023


While we appreciate your review, as discussed in your customer support ticket we have refunded you the full amount. To clarify, you signed up for our starter plan which carries a $29/mo recurring charge + usage fees. The $5 carrier fee and recurring fee made up the total $34 charge. Please make sure you read what you sign up for completely before installing apps and give them enough time to generate results.

TxtCart Team

30. lokakuu 2023

Have never sold an item yet txt cart took $46 AUD from my bank. Will be cancelling today

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TxtCart vastasi 31. lokakuu 2023

Hi Ricky,

Reached out to you via email. Took a look at your account and you're correct no sales were made, however you were subscribed to our Starter Plan which carries a recurring $29/mo charge and there are carrier usage fees associated with using texts.

In any event, we are understanding of small/closed shops and have offered you a full refund for the trouble. Hope you can come to an understanding.

- Kyle
Founder of TxtCart

30. elokuu 2023

This app should be taken off of the Shopify app store for deceptive and false advertising. They will associate any sale that happens after they text the customer even if no link to cart or discount was sent. The texts that are sent to these abandoned checkouts are not human sounding and do not actually address what the customer asks most of the time. Nowhere under the plan information does it say that they charge a $5 monthly fee for carrier usage, to which support told me it is just not advertised... Also telling a customer that they are unaware of SMS marketing costs, and then proceeding to shame me for being on Shopify advanced plan and complaining about the charge is laughable. My Shopify plan is irrelevant from what I pay to this app, and should never have been thrown at me like that. Just because merchants are not noticing your hidden charges does not make it right...

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TxtCart vastasi 31. elokuu 2023

I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you've faced with our SMS app. We take your feedback seriously and want to address your concerns. We want to clarify that our intention is not to deceive or falsely advertise. All information regarding pricing can be found on our listing, website, app charges accepted, TOS, and help center.

Our app attributes sales to texts only when they are directly linked to a customer's purchase journey. Each sale must either come from the customer using the link sent in the message, the discount provided, or purchase after reading the message within 7 days. Keep in mind that each abandoned checkout/cart has a unique CARTID, which is tied to our message. If a customer finishes buying the same CARTID we sent a text for within our attribution window, it is a TxtCart sale.

While we understand your frustration with the automated texts, we continually work on refining our messaging to improve customer interactions through human agents and ever-improving AI.

Regarding the carrier usage fee, we apologize for any misunderstanding. We strive for transparency and will review how this information is communicated in our plans. As for mentioning your Shopify plan, it was not our intention to dismiss your concerns. We appreciate your business and value your feedback to ensure a better experience for all merchants. Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention.

- Kyle
Co-founder @TxtCart

1. maaliskuu 2023

The text messaging system is not sent by real people as stated in their description. And if their are real people, they sure don't respond to my customers like they are real. When a customer says "no, I don't want additional information" and you send it anyways, that leaves a bad taste. ESPECIALLY, when that customer then leaves us a 1 star review. Never again. I uninstalled immediately.

On top of that, they take credit for sales that they didn't generate, which in the long run would cost us a lot of extra money for nothing.

HubCity Graphics LLC
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TxtCart vastasi 1. maaliskuu 2023


It hurts to see you resort to leaving a 1-star review on an app that you have not used since Feb 14th, without ever reaching out to our support team or ownership. You used the app for 5 days on trial, where all sales recovered were done free of charge given our 14-day free trial and $1000 in sales recovered offer. We would be happy to share in-depth our attribution model, which is typical and available to all on our help docs.

Had you reached out to our team, we would've been happy to resolve any questions or concerns about our approach, agents, or attribution.

Furthermore, I tried to find the alleged 1-star review left on your website which you are attributing to us, but could not. I've emailed you to help resolve any issues you may have so we can remediate and work together.

Muokattu 13. tammikuu 2024

Sickest Barbers
7 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
TxtCart vastasi 13. tammikuu 2024


As mentioned via support, call and email - you installed TxtCart's Basic Plan ($0/mo + 20% of sales). Within 3 days, TxtCart generated $400 in revenue for Sickest Barbers, of which $78 was billed correctly. This is over a 5X ROI - a great thing to celebrate.

I understand you didn't fully understand the pricing options you had signed up for, nonetheless, we credited your account the $78 which would cancel out any pending invoice charges.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

- TxtCart Support