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11. duben 2021

Almost all important features require upgrade. Not enough included in free version. Startup businesses need more free helper tools in the beginning, not more things with fees making it impossible to have enough funds left over to stock products.

A4dable Accessories
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Datum úprav: 5. duben 2021

utilisation de l'application assez simple a utilisé reste plus qu'a voir si tout fonctionne parfaitement

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1. duben 2021

It a bit glitched, mess with it a few times finally works. Can be frustrating but it attracting towards customers and makes your page look, feel trustworthy.

Happy Vegan Way
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31. březen 2021

Oferece recursos básicos, mais bons, dão para quebrar um galho pra não pagar agora que o dólar esta alto

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12. březen 2021

Doy 3 porque todo sale en inglés y aun no sé si funciona correctamente aun que por el momento no ha dado fallo . Pero si puede cambiar el idioma, le pondré las 5

Hazte uno shop
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21. únor 2021

First time using the app, thus the rating. So far so good. On the free plan son will have to upgrade to get better features.

Just Comfy Clothes
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31. leden 2021

great and simple app. should have more free features though.. Most of the features can be found with other apps for free already.

Saint Blu
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28. prosinec 2020

I used this app and in 5 mins I had an updated, nice, fresh, and clean checkout system only complaint is its alot of options i couldnt select because I dont have an upgraded shopify account!

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16. listopad 2020

Most of the features are part of the paid plan. One of the few free feature is "Stock Inventory Number" which will not show if your inventory is superior to the number you put so basically useless.

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Datum úprav: 2. září 2020

Seems pretty simple to use, I like how everything I need is free. Excited to use this more often! Seems better than other apps

Simple Raffles
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