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Datum úprav: 30. duben 2019

estou testando ainda...mas parece bom, so que quando salvei as informações o timer sumiu da página, creio que devem verificar isso

Relógio Clube
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14. červen 2020

A well-conceived application, however, in a period of 15 days, all data from the lending page is lost twice.No Product Image Overlay, Image Label, Get-it-by Timer, Add-to-Cart Button Animation, Stock Inventory Number etc.And I did not change anything.If this continues I will have to look for another app.

French Way
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17. listopad 2021

Buy 2 and get - 10% mast be in your app! and best way add more features in the standard plan! thanks

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19. květen 2021

j ai utilise cette application pour m aider a mes travaux de shopify
cet une tres bonne app.merci beaucoup

Eda fresh shop
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27. říjen 2019

As informações que escolhi não estão aparecendo na minha página... Não sei como fazer. Espero resolver logo esse problema para poder usar realmente o aplicativo.

Iboxi Sunglasses
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27. červen 2019

Hey I think this app is great! Should have been 5 stars, but the promotion doesn't show up on my store.

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13. březen 2019

For all who has a deal a day website like mine: www.waag.ca do not download this app. 2 stars because they answer my email saying the dev team will maybe work on it. This is a great answer, but in my situation it's urgent. Business is Business

WaaG a-deal-a-day
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18. červen 2020

I've added on a 'low stock' batch for a product to boost sales which now apparently does not exist anymore. Contacted customer service and they added a stock count without my permission which was counter productive. Very disappointing not sure I will keep this app I don't really see the point.

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15. leden 2021

Not really what I was looking for. I send a message asking for some help, they never reply to me, dissapointed.

Puzzle Design
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10. listopad 2019

The checkout booster text is looks very bad on mobile and i cant even turn it off. Even after switching the toggle to off its still there. Ugly:(

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